Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm Back, November Sample Boxes and New Toys :)

I'm Back

YAY!!!! I returned from Schoolies in one piece, safe and sound :) I had a great time, it was a real 'eye opener' but I'm sooooo glad I went.  I think the key to schoolies is having great friends around you and to watch out for each other at all times :) and have FUN!!! I went with my best friend Juanita and another wonderful friend of our's 'Jessie', we all got along great and kept an eye on each other, hehehe :D I think the only disappointing thing about our trip was that we had booked a 'studio' apartment and only had a kettle and fridge!!! There were only cups, saucers and spoons and that's it :( Of course that's what you get in a 'studio' style room but we didn't give that any thought before we went, hahaha ..... take note, if you want to cook get a room with a kitchen!!!! :) We did survive, we bought lots of noodles, sandwich stuff and fruit and also got pizza :))) The resort put on a free BBQ breakfast every day so we filled up on that too.

Snorkeling with the girls ... hehehe :D

New Toys

I'm back now and will be recording and uploading videos again very soon.Unfortunately my video camera lost it's mind over the past week or so (it has been mucking up for a while now) and I finally had to buy a new one when I got home.  I bought the JVC GZHM30 High Def camera in red for $249.00. It's a cheap little camera that should do the job quite well, or so I've been told. Yes there are better quality HD cameras out there but when it comes to editing, saving and uploading to youtube you don't need it to take forever which is what the other 'better' cameras will do, the less time it takes me to upload, the better it is and more enjoyable. I guess trial and error and time will see how well it works.

Photo property of WOW Sight and Sound
(* Update *)
I ended up returning this camera because it didn't perform the way I wanted, it also felt a little too flimsy for me. I bought the Canon T31100 instead and so far I'm very happy with it).

My phone was also dying a very slow and painful death lately so I upgraded to the Ipod 4s .......... what can I say, I'm in lurvvvvvvvvvvve :))))))) compared to my old nokia it's a dream although I still need to work some things out.

Photo property of  Apple Iphone

November Sample Boxes (Australia)

Because November was so busy and hectic I didn't get a chance to photograph the individual Sample boxes because most arrived just before I went away, so I'll just tell you what was inside them. This month I received the 'I Love This Box', 'Lust Have It', 'GlossyBox' and 'Bellabox' boxes. It was the first month for the 'I Love This Box' and I was quite happy with it, the scent throughout the box was just lovely and I found out it was from the shampoo and conditioner that were sent. It was very moreish, maybe the sample box people should take note that we like 'scented boxes' :))) hahahaha This was also the first month for 'Glossy Box' (formerly 'Beauty Box') and I was not disappointed at all, in fact this was my fav box so far of 'Beauty Box' and was just as good as 'Glossy Box'.  I t has to be noted that the box did arrive 'disappointingly late' in the month, the 28th to be exact, but I'm sure when there's a takeover things don't always go smoothly so they are forgiven this month :)))

What was in them??????   Here we go ...

I Love This Box

Caudalie Paris - Set of 3 Facial Care Samples - Moisturiser, Anti-wrinkle serum and nourishing cream
NVEY Eco's Taupe (#172) Eyeshadow
Essie French Affair Collection - Spring 2011 Nail Polish
Keratinology by Sunsilk - Salon Perfection Hair Collection - Shampoo and Conditioner (smells lovely)
POD - Liquid Tan Gradual Tanning Face Serum

Lust Have It

RoC - Complete Lift New Techology Daily Moisturiser
Nude by Nature - Lip Liner in 'Chique Natural'
Lancome - Tresor Midnight Rose - Perfume sample x 2
Hawley International - Miracle Shine 2 Step Miracle Nail Shiner
Kerastase - Nectar Thermique - Heat protectant

Glossy Box

Jurlique - Purely Age Defying Ultra Firm & Lift Cream
Bio Oil - Bio oil for ageing, scars and stretchmarks etc.
Esie - Summer Nail Colour
Bobbi Brown - Cleansing Oil
Mirenesse - 3D Forever Lip Gloss
Bonus - Bag of pink jelly beans ........... yummy :)

Bella Box

Lancome Visionnaire - Cult - Advanced skin corrector
Erborian - 4 x sachet samples - BB Cream, Total Eye, Yuza Sobert, Elixir Au Ginseng
Gatineau Melatogenine Force Collagene - Cult - Anti-wrinkle cream
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tar
Orofluido - Hair Elixir
Twistband - Hair tie

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NEW 'Make Me Up' Travel Edition Brushes by Sigma Beauty

The next new product to be launched by Sigma Beauty is the 'Make Me Up' Travel Edition kit. You may remember the wonderful 'Make Me Up' kit that came out earlier this year that contained 12 full sized brushes in a multifunctional container? Well this is a 'Travel sized' edition of that.  

This kit has 7 fun sized brushes chosen from the 'Essentials Kit' and comes in four colour combinations - 'Make Me Blush' (Coral), 'Make Me Classy' (Black), 'Make Me Cool' (Aqua) and 'Make Me Crazy' (Purple).

Brushes included are:

E30 - Pencil Brush
E40 - Tapered Blending Brush
E55 - Eye Shading Brush
E65 - Small Angle Brush
F30 - Large Powder Brush
F40 - Large Angled Contour Brush
F60 - Foundation Brush

You know, I wasn't too sure if I would use travel sized brushes because I really love my original Sigma Brushes and take them wherever I go (just ask my friends, they love me for it, hehehe :)) but after trying out 'The Cities Collection' and enjoying the convenient lightweight size of them I think they are amazing, I find myself using them all the time at home and will definitely be taking them when I sleep away from now on :)

Travel sized brushes are designed to help keep weight down while traveling and they take up less room in your suitcase/bag, the handy container will protect the brushes from damage and also provide a convenient place to put them on arrival. They are also a great 'starting set' for young girls just getting in to makeup, they are easy to hold for small hands and have all the basic brushes you need and it's a super Christmas Gift idea.

Make Me Blush - Coral
Make Me Crazy - Purple
Make Me Classy - Black
Make Me Cool - Aqua

These great kits sell for $59.00 each and you can find all Sigma Brushes HERE

*  Photos property of 'Sigma Beauty'

Friday, November 25, 2011

HURRY!!! Black Friday Sales 25th November ...

So I quickly had a scan around and and found a few sites that were having great 'Black Friday' Sales.  If you're not sure what a 'Black Friday' Sale is then I'll quickly explain.  In the US, the day after Thanksgiving a lot of Stores have sales to start the 'Christmas Shopping' period and it's supposed to mark the time when retailers are starting to make a profit in their business, like being 'in the black'  :)

Here's a few I found:

Sigma Beauty -
Free Shipping Worldwide - 9am - 5pm CST only - 25th Nov, 2011- use Code BF2011

Camera Ready Cosmetics -
20% - 60% of the 'Sale Category' - starting on 24th November, 2011 - 6pm PCT

Cherry Culture -
20% off everything - use Code TGS20 - ends 27th November, 2011

Sedona Lace -
25% off entire order (over $15) - use Code Black25 - ends 25th November, 2011

Luminess Air -
Up to 83% off (while stocks last)

* This is a prescheduled post
* Please note that these dates are in US times

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NEW 'The Cities' Travel Collection Brushes by Sigma Beauty

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, Sigma Beauty are releasing some wonderful new products in the coming weeks and this series is the first to hit the store!! :) Sigma Beauty's Limited Edition Travel Collection is glamorous and fashionable and contains seven travel sized brushes from the 'Essential' and 'Premium' kits.

There are four different kits representing four different Cities.

London - with it's 18k gold ferrules (metal bits) and Chestnut coloured handles ($89)
Paris - having red ferrules and handles to represent the Romance of this City ($59)
Tokyo - in recognition of this trend setting City it has electrifying Pink handles and ferrules ($59)
New York - every stylish and sleek in black with silver ferrules ($59)

Each of these kits contains the following brushes:

E05 Eyeliner 
E35 Tapered Blending
E45 Small Tapered Blending
E60 Large Shader
F05 Small Contour
F15 Duo Fibre
F30 Large Powder

The brushes come in a functional travel sized container in the corresponding colour that also converts into two brush holders to keep you organised on your travels.

Visit Sigma Beauty for these and other great brushes and kits!! :)


* this is a pre-scheduled post
* photos property of SigmaBeauty

Saturday, November 19, 2011

School Formal 2011 - Finally ♡

If you have been reading my weekly posts, thankyou. It's been fun documenting my preparations over the past three weeks :)

So this last week has been fun, I had my hair trimmed 'just a little' and found some time to pamper my nails.  I decided to do my own nails for the day because I preferred to pay $15 for nailpolish rather than much more for a salon to do them!!! I chose 'Serial Dater' by Chi Chi for my fingers and 'Nude Shimmer' by Natio for my toes. I went for a nude toe so that it wouldn't clash with my shoes.

I needed to wash my hair a day or two before my Hair Appointment on the Saturday so that it wasn't 'too clean' for the updo, the only problem was that I was at the beach on Thursday for our last School Excursion and again on Friday morning after 'last rollcall' to do the annual 'School Leavers Beach Run'.  If you're not sure what that is, let me enlighten you a little :)  It's a tradition in my area that all Year 12 School leavers go to the beach after they have been released from school on the last morning and they all run into the ocean in their uniforms, it's kinda like a 'rite of passage' thing hahahaha, anyway it's fun and it was a hot day so why not!! :)

Back on track ....

So I washed my hair late on Friday after a full day. Also on Friday I was packing my bags for my Schoolies trip which starts on Sunday, bright and early!!! Yeah I will be up at about 4.00am for that one! x___x

Saturday morning -- finished packing, painted my nails, answered a few messages etc and then off to the Hairdresser at about 12.00 noon.

Home about 1.00pm which gives me about 2 hrs to get myself ready for my Formal :) That should be enough ..... hehehehe :D Oh noooooooo, the hairdresser did a terrible job on my hair, I had to re-do the whole front bit myself which really made me upset.  The ladies that normally worked at the Salon were not there this day and new people had taken over!!!! I didn't know this when I made the appointment :( Mine was the last appointmet of the day so there was no going back to get it fixed up :/

Anyway, once I fix my hair I feel a little rushed to do my makeup, it's really hot today too so that didn't help much.  

By about 2.45pm I'm ready and it's time for a few photos then I'm off to see my Grandparents, more photos and then we drive to my friends house where a large group of us will be picked up by 'The Hummer'!!!! Yay!! we hired a 14 seat Hummer to take us to the Formal in style :) It's a 4.00pm pickup and we should get to our Formal at 5.00pm where I'm sure there will be more photos on the red/black carpet, more photos inside and even more 'official photos' before the actual seating takes place at around 6.00 - 6.30 pm.

I love my dress, I love the 'sunset' type colours in it, the ruffles and the lacing and of course the fit and style.  I wanted something a little different from the regular dresses that people wear and when I tried this on It just felt 'right' :) and it was also pretty light and cool for such a hot day!! :)

Back of dress
Earrings and Bracelets

I decided to film a 'Get Ready with Me' video for my Formal but because I ended up being a little rushed and frustrated I'm not sure how it will turn out, so when I get back in about a week I'll upload something to my Channel but in the meantime I hope you've enjoyed these quick photos.

My friends and I in front of the Hummer about to leave

Thank you for taking this journey with me, Year 12 has been a challenging year in many ways. It's been great to share my experience with others and I really hope that someone finds my posts helpful in the future :)

Love Cassie  

Saturday, November 12, 2011

School Formal 2011 - One Week to go ...

I really can't believe all my studies for school are now over!!! I had my last Assessment on Friday WOOT WOO!!!! Now for the final week of school, if you can really call it that, I just have to tie things up, you know, return text books, laptop and long lost library books etc. I have my Graduation Ceremony on the Wednesday night, our final senior assembly on Thursday (which the Year 12's get to host) followed by an excursion and then just a safety talk and sign off on Friday morning :D :D :D then that's it!!!! :))))

So my Formal is on the Saturday night, 19th November to be exact which is honestly a stupid day to have it since Schoolies officially starts on the 19th!!!! Only our School Principal could have planned that :/


This past week I managed to get the hair dye I was after, it was actually on special for $8.95 and was the last one in that colour (Darkest Chocolate No. 323). It was hiding in a different spot, someone else must have picked it up and put it back in the wrong spot so I thought they didn't have it!! So glad they did. I dyed my hair on Tuesday afternoon so that's something else to check off my list :)

I'm going to try to squeeze in a 'trim' before my Formal just to tidy the ends up.


I got to try on my complete outfit for the Formal and I'm happy to report that I'm very very happy with the overall look. It's fun and young and I really like the way it all came together, it makes me feel like an 'exotic princess' hahahaha :P So for a run down on how much this has cost me ...

Dress                                   $199.00 - I know COMPLETE BARGAIN!!!!!
Shoes                                  $111.00 - on sale
Bag                                         34.95 - on sale
Jewelry                                $  39.95 - Already had some of it
Hair Accessory                    $  20.00
Underwear                           $  40.00
Hair Dye                              $    8.95
Hair Appointment                 $  75.00
Car Hire                               $  52.00

Total                                    $580.85

I haven't included any makeup costs in this because the only real thing I bought specifically for my Formal was my Estee Lauder Foundation but I probably would have bought it eventually anyway.

I never set out to find things on 'Sale' or anything like that, I went to find something that I really liked. Formal shopping can  add up very quickly, even when you get things that are on sale it still gets expensive! I was very lucky to find my dress, we were prepared to pay more than that when we set out but we didn't have to. A few of the other girls in my year also said they ended up going with dresses that were much cheaper than they originally planned because 'they like them', and isn't that what it's all about in the end :)

When you plan your Formal it makes sense to spread the costs out so you don't have to pay for everything in one go.  If you start looking for your dress at least 3-4 months before the day then you will have time to find all your accessories etc and pay for them gradually. It's also nice to know you have your outfit ready and you can relax a little in that last week.

I guess my real luxury items were my shoes and getting my hair done on the day.


This week I cleaned all my makeup brushes, I had a little breakout last week which prompted me to do this :/


Ok so this is still the one that is eluding me!! :( Maybe it's because I've never been allowed to paint my nails for school or anything that they are always the last to get attention.  So this week they are going to be pampered for sure, I don't have much on for school so there really is no excuse. Wish me luck!!! :)))


Because I will be leaving for my Schoolies holiday very early Sunday morning, I will probably just post a picture of the final look on facebook and maybe on here before I leave for my Formal.  Once I come back from Schoolies I will put up a video.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Accessorize with

About six or seven weeks ago I was sent a box full of goodies from to try out and if I liked them I could do a review or mention them in a video or something but was under no obligation to talk about them at all!  Well I liked them, in fact I liked them a lot, I featured them in my very first 'Show & Tell' video, and I find myself grabbing for a lot of the pieces all the time.  Now these aren't 'real' jewels, they are what is known as 'dress jewelry' that is usually worn for a season or two and that's it.You can buy the same quality items from places like Diva, Target or Equip here in Australia.

A selection of bracelets and rings


What is different about these pieces is the price, these items sell for at least half the price that the stores in Australia do. Their packaging was adequate and nothing was broken, actually nothing has broken after all these weeks either! It took about a week for the package to arrive as they have a warehouse in Australia which is a bonus and I found their customer service to be great.

This site regularly updates stock, looking there today I see there are quite a few new items available and they also stock makeup.

From the experience I've had with I can recommend them, obviously the more you buy the better the deal when it comes to postage which in Australia is about $9.00.  For young girls it's a great site as they really don't want to be spending lots of money on accessories that they may not wear next year!!!

Another great idea to keep in mind for Christmas and Birthday gifts.

Great variety of earrings

You can visit HERE

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Beyonce 'Pulse' eau de parfum

Last week on my shopping trip I walked through Myer's perfume department (as you do, always ... :)) and there in it's glory, flashing lights and all, was Beyonce 'Pulse' on display!!! :) Well of course I had to try it didn't I, I then went around sampling numerous other perfumes on the little cards making myself a little light headed, hehehe, sniffed at the coffee beans and continued on :)

I liked it, I kept going back to the swatch and smelling it and I really liked it.

It's described as being a 'citrus, floral gourmand (someone who enjoys gourmet), anchored by Beyonce's favourite flower, the orchid'.

To me it's much more like passion fruit in a way, very sweet and quite tropical. It smells young and fun and is pretty strong to start with but then gets a little bit powdery as the fragrance matures but not too much. I really wanted a new perfume for the warmer weather and it was a toss up between 'Pulse' and 'Sensuous Nude', can you guess which one I decided to buy???? Yeah, I bought 'Pulse' this time around and am pleased with my puchase.

For $89.00 I got

100ml (3.4fl oz) eau de parfum vaporisor - natural spray
15ml (0.5fl oz) eau de parfum vaporisor - natural spray
75ml (2.5fl oz) luminous body milk
75ml (2.5fl oz) luminous hower cream

The 100ml bottle normally sells for $89.00 (in australia).  There was a choice between the boxed package I chose or you could get a large tote bag with your purchase instead.

The bottle is designed to stand 'upside down' with the large silver lids, which are inspired by Beyonce's costumes, being removable from the bottles and the body milk has a 'shimmer' to it which I didn't realise until I got outside. I felt a little like a vampire when I went in the sun, hahaha, I guess this would look great for night time partying.

Of course you have to remember this fragrance is not a concentrate so for an all-day scent you may need to reapply a few times, a little disappointing that it looses it's fragrance so quickly. That's one of the reasons I went for the boxed package, so that I could carry the smaller bottle in my handbag!! :)

In my opinion this is a scent for a younger person.

The packaging is pretty flash and I'm sure I'll find a use for the box. My only other real disappointment is that it didn't come with the flashing lights like the ones on the display :P hahaha :) and yes, I did ask! hahahaha :D

Sneak Peek of 'NEW' Sigma products ...

Sigma always have something new up their sleeve and this time around it's more than one NEW thing!!! In fact there are quite a few new product releases about to take place over November and December. Some of them are in fact brand new releases and some are repackaged into more convenient sets.

As I haven't trialed or even seen these products in real life yet, I can only show you a few pictures of what's in store and update you as they are released for sale so if you're looking for something for Christmas for yourself or as a gift for someone special, you might want to consider Sigma for that special gift.

Also, a little birdie told me that there will be a 'Black Friday Sale' at Sigma, Black Friday is 24th November which is a day I will be away, so I'll arrange to have a post scheduled for this!!!

The Cities Collection (travel size)

Make Me Up Collection (Travel Edition)

The Bunny Collection (Vegan friendly)

The Extravaganza Face Kit (18k gold plated)

The Extravaganza Complete Kit (18k gold plated)

* All photos curtesy of 'SigmaBeauty'

Monday, November 7, 2011

School Formal 2011 - Two Week Countdown ...

With less than two weeks to go to my Formal I'm pleased to say I managed to cross a few things off my list from last week's post, YAY!!!


As I said last week I have my dress already but I wanted to mention that if you do have your dress already or bought it months ago, it's a good idea to put it away where you can't see it all the time, I got my mum to look after mine so I didn't see it all the time, the reason for this is because after a while it may loose it's appeal because you see it a lot!  I've only seen mine about 3 times briefly since I got it home and will be trying it on this coming week with all my accessories etc just to make sure everything works! Then it will go away again until my Formal :) It may sound a strange thing to do but I don't want to fall 'out of love' with it.


This week I found the bracelets for my Formal, I already had two 'marilyn monroe' style bracelets which cost me about $20.00 but I wanted to add to them for a bit of variety and found a bundle of three that will work great, they are sparkly with gold accents, they cost $19.95.  I've decided to wear a pair of earrings I already had, they are a nice medium length large gems set in silver but they're not 'over the top' so they won't grab too much attention.

Shoes and Clutch:

After weeks of searching and trying shoes on I finally found a pair that will work well, Myer had some new stock in on Wednesday and luckily the pair I found are a great match.  They are 'Guess' brand, delicately glittered and very high!! :D ..... some walking practice will be in order before the big event :)  The shoes were initially $149.00 but they were on sale and I got them for $111.00 YAY!!

I also found my Clutch for the night, it's satin with sparkles down the centre which match with my 'marilyn monroe' bracelets nicely.  It's an 'Arabella' brand and the cost of the clutch was $34.95 down from $59.99 :) :)


I've cut back on using heat on my hair as much as I can this week and using a 'Deep Conditioner' to keep it looking and feeling great.  I went to get my hair dye but they didn't have the right colour that I want so I will have to keep looking in different stores this coming week and find it, I really want it dyed by the end of the week :/


Not much has been done to them as life keeps getting in the way and keeping me busy :/ I haven't broken any so that's a good thing :P


I've drank a lot more water this past week and also more green tea.  I've had a little breakout on my chin which is a bit annoying but this is what happens sometimes so hopefully it will settle down again by Formal.


So I've decided to go 'natural' for Formal, after being burned last weekend and getting 'strap marks' I'm making an effort to apply lots of suncream and stay out of the sun as much as I can.  Wearing different styled tops when out walking will help too so that I don't get a definite line going where my tops are.


I've been practicing different methods of applying my foundation to get a 'flawless' finish this week.


Our transport times were finally confirmed by the Company and everyone agrees on everything so that is good know.  There are about 14 of us travelling together to the Formal and we get the vehicle for one hour, should be good :D :D


Lately I've noticed quite a bit more stress at school between friendships, with final testing coming up this week, formal arrangements to make, schoolies events to finalise and just generally finishing our education it's such a lot to think about but it's still important to take time out for ourselves in between everything else, no point in making yourself sick with worry and stress, I'm making sure I go for walks with my boyfriend and to socialise with my friends outside of school, it helps keep me relaxed and grounded which helps me to enjoy the end of my schooling :) :) :)  Remember to breathe!!!

Schoolies 2011- Almost Here!!!!

I'm getting so excited now because along with the end of School Graduation and Year 12 Formal comes Schoolies!!!!  For anyone not knowing what this is, it's a celebration by all Year 12 School leavers at the end of their schooling :) In some States it's also called 'Leavers'.

It usually goes for about 3 -4 weeks, generally the first week is for Queensland the second for New South Wales and then the third for the other States (although this does change some years) .... but that doesn't mean you can't go whenever you want.  It's a week long party for you and your friends and usually the first time you get to go away without your family :D 

The most famous place to go is Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast in Queensland, it's where 30,000+ school leavers go to party and party hard, so if that is your scene then that's the place for you.

Of course not everyone wants to be part of that 30,000+ crowd so they choose other destinations for their party week.  There's Byron Bay in New South Wales, Lorne in Melbourne, Victor Harbour in SA, Rottnest in WA and the Whitsundays in Northern Queensland, just to name a few, that all have planned Schoolies events and security.  If that's still not your thing you may want to find your own place to enjoy yourself and just hang with your friends, many choose quieter spots along the coastline or some even go to Bali or Fiji for their celebrations, the choice is yours!! :) Probably best to choose the location that suits your personality and your budget the best.

For a full look at Schoolies and to find out all locations visit ''

Wherever you decide to spend your time remember to make it great.  Be with friends you can trust and have the time of your life with :) :) Over the years 'Schoolies' has got a lot of bad press because of a handful of incidents, there's so many good news stories come back from schoolies, not everyone goes to get drunk and cause trouble!!  It's easy to get a bit nervous about going to Schoolies but If you choose the destination to suit your needs properly you should have a great time :)

Leading up to Schoolies it's easy to forget basic boring stuff such as budgeting, shopping etc etc so take a bit of time to discuss things with your friends before you go, you don't want to find out everyone has twice as much money as you so they can do heaps more stuff than you, that would really suck!!!!! Remember too, you will probably need a 'house budget' for basics like nibblies, coffee, juice,  toilet paper etc, you know the stuff you never want to run out of :) Even in a lot of resorts you will only be given the basics for your room so you and your friends will have to buy stuff. Take advantage of free breakfasts and nibblies whenever you can and fill up through the day hahaha that way you wont have to buy as much food each day and may only need to buy your dinner :P

What to take:
yourself :)
your friends  ..... hahaha
your Year 12 ID !!!
money - you need enough to buy food, drinks and entertainment every day you are away and extra for emergencies :) different locations call for different costs (check before you go)
clothes - if you're lazy and don't want to wash, take enough for the whole week!!
makeup - of course :)
shoes - comfy ones
mobile and recharger - if you're on pre-paid be sure to have plenty of credit

Don't take:
bad attitude
anything too valuable


The 'Red Frog Crew' is a Schoolies Support Network which has a positive presence in the Schoolies party week, they offer help in many ways from cooking and cleaning to emotional help when it's needed. They also provide entertainment and chill-out zones throughout the week in some destinations :)

Take advantage of the 'Red Frogs' people who are there to help you, they will come and cook you up some frog pancakes if you want them to, they will also walk you back to your accommodation if you get stranded or feel unsafe in any way!! :)  

MOST IMPORTANT THING:  STAY SAFE!!!, there's a life beyond schoolies!!!!! :D

Be sure to have their number keyed into your mobile - 1300557123


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