About Me

Hi there and welcome to my blog :)

My name is Cassandra Michelle or Cassie (whichever you like), I am 18 and live in Queensland, Australia. I have a love of makeup, hair and beauty and want to share those things with as many people as possible.

I completed Year 12 at School in 2011 and will be undertaking a Diploma of Makeup in 2012. I started this blog in October 2010 as a compliment to my YouTube Channel 'lilcammo93', an outlet for sharing about other things in my life that don't always get mentioned in my tutuorials. I'm finding that blogging is a great way to share and review things and ramble on about my life hehe :D and the more blogging I do, the more I want to blog!!!

My Blog name 'lilcammo93' was taken from my YouTube Channel name and means:

lil          =    little
cammo  =   camouflage/chameleon
93         =   year of my birth

I hope you enjoy your visit and call again soon :)

~ Cassie xx


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