Thursday, June 28, 2012

Giveaway Time Again!!!!

This Giveaway has now closed, thank you to everyone who entered, Winner has been notified :)

RomweEuropean Cup 2012Giveaway

For many around the world the Euro World Cup is something to get excited about, in Australia we call it Soccer, my boyfriend loves it and plays every week :D  As a special treat from I have another great Giveaway for you. This time one lucky winner will receive over $200.00 worth of prizes!!!!!

$100.00 to spend at
USB programmable ‘LED Message Fan’ (value $35)
Quartz Pocket Watch (value $89)

And all you need to do to enter is register over at and then come back here and leave me a comment (something sweet is always nice :D) along with the email address that you used to register at Romwe ….. soooo easy and if you’re already registered at Romwe half the work is already done.

Good luck to everyone, the Giveaway will close on 20th July, 2012.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Konjac 100% Natural Sponges - Review

As a teenager I've always got the odd spot or two on my face but after I started my makeup course I noticed that I was breaking out a little more than normal. I was applying and removing makeup from my face a lot more than what I usually would and I think that my skin was getting aggrevated from all the attention. I stopped wearing makeup in the mornings because I knew I would only have to remove it and more products would be applied to my face once I was at the Academy and then I'd have to remove that before heading home again, there's something about wearing zombie makeup in public that doesn't go down too well these days :/  I was cleaning my skin in the evenings like I always have but I was still breaking out!!!

So when I was asked if I would like to try out the Konjac Sponges from I thought they might be interesting to try.

Within the first week of using a Konjac Sponge to clean my skin I noticed a difference to my face, it was clearing up a little and I had not broken out again either :D Over the next couple of weeks I've noticed a nice improvement in my skin and I've had heaps of products on my face with Assessments for my course, not just makeup but adhesives, latex etc so my skin has been through quite a lot but has not suffered as much as it was previously, YAY!!!



So what is a Konjac Sponge? Let me enlighten you a little :)

Konjac is a fibrous jelly like food made from a type of Southeast Asian root vegetable called 'Konnyaku', this jelly is then mixed with calcium hydroxide (lime) to make the sponge, Konjac has been used by the Japanese as a beauty treatment for over a century.

The sponges are very soft once wet and are all handmade. They are suitable for all ages and skin types and are great for babies. They are 100% natural, have no preservatives, colours or additives and are biodegradable.

They are said to stimulate blood circulation, cleanse, sooth and encourage new skin cell growth.

Ok so how do you use them?  Easy, just rinse the sponge and massage it until it absorbs the water, in a circular motion start cleaning your face with the rounded side. You can use it alone or add a little of your favourite cleanser. Once you've finished just rinse the sponge out a few times and gently squeeze any excess water out (do not wring) and then hang it up somewhere to dry. The sponge gets hard once it's completely dry so all you have to do is rinse it and start again the next day.

You can sterilise the sponge if it gets dirty by either boiling it for about 4 mins or putting it in the microwave. The sponge is supposed to last 2-3 months and once it's old you can just throw it in the compost or the garden.

There are four different sponges in store:

KUU Konjac Pure - suitable for all skin types - $7.95
KUU Konjac with French Red Clay - suitable for mature, dry or delicate skin types - $8.95
KUU Konjac with French Green Clay - suitable for oily to normal skin types - $8.95
KUU Konjac Baby - suitable for children and adults, square in shape for easy holding - $8.95

After using the sponge for a few weeks now I can honestly say I'm very happy with the results, my skin is still not blemish free yet but it hasn't had nearly as many nasty breakouts either so to me that's a giant plus and I will keep on using them!!! :D I would recommend these sponges to anyone who enjoys natural products on their face and for anyone looking for a good cleansing routine, especially if you have sensitive skin, remember you can use the sponge by itself so it makes them pretty economical too  :)

How Time Flies + Some Favs

Well I know this year is going pretty quickly but honestly, I can't believe that July is almost here and that my course is almost finished :( Next week is my last week O_O

For years I've been so excited to do a makeup course, it's always been on my mind and now it's almost over. What a wonderful time I've had too, learning new things and hopefully improving my skills and creativity. They have been long days and they have been interesting days, I've had many little experiences on my train trips and it's really opened my eyes to the world outside my own little life. I've loved being in the city even though I get up just after 5.00 am and don't arrive home 'til sometimes after 7.00pm. My little adventures were fun too, even though I may or maynot have gotten lost :D

So what's next? Well I'm not exactly sure, I know I want to work with makeup but whether this is just freelance or in a salon or store is not known, I've even played with the idea of more study but don't want to get lost in a sea of courses and become a 'professional student', hehe .... if you know what I mean. :)

It's all good though, I had originally put this year aside as a 'gap' style year (without the exciting overseas trips :P) haha so I'm comfortable with what I've done so far, I may even just find some good part-time employment so that I can still have time to grow a freelance business too :) I'm pretty sure something will happen and life will fall in place.

While I'm here I may as well share with you a few things I've been enjoying for the past few weeks, I haven't done a 'favourites' type post for a long time so why not :D

Konjac Sponges - These wonderful yet simple sponges are just great for cleaning your face, 100% natural and very gentle to the skin, they sell for $8 - $9 on the site. I will have a full review on these sponges up shortly :D

photo property of

Cheese - Yep that's right, cheese :D I probably like cheese too much (at least my mum thinks so) so I've opted to try some 'better' cheeses than the regular yellow type. I'm loving ricotta and feta cheese in some of my dinners. Apparently white cheese is better for you than yellow cheese .... I'm not too sure about that and not fully convinced that any cheese could be bad for you :D hehe it just tastes too good :D

Smoothies - These are great, I used to have them a lot in summer because they are delicious and I've started having them more often over the past month or so. They are really filling and see me through to lunch time when I'm at my course. Usually they are made with coconut, banana and blueberries but they are still very delicious without the coconut and just adding an extra banana and water instead. You can see my 'Smoothie How To' video HERE

Movies - I've seen a few movies recently (thanks to the rain) and it's not the movies that I'm taken with it's actually the makeup in them, I find that I now analyse makeup application rather than enjoying the movie :P but of course what I really love about the movies is that I get to snuggle up with my boyfriend for a couple of hours :D

Gym Ball - I recently bought myself a 'Celcius Gym Ball' from Rebel Sport for $39.95 to replace the chair in my room, with all the travelling I do (about 3-4 hours a day, four days a week) I need to get my body moving as much as I can to combat all the sitting I do. I'm loving it so far, it's fun to work with and also comfy to sit on and I've seen a little improvement already :) yay!!

photo property for Rebel Sport

I hope you enjoyed this post, I've been running short on time this last month and even my youtube videos have been a bit scarce :( but hopefully once my course is finished I'll get back into some sort of routine :)

Thanks for reading and have a great day <3


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