Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Walk in the Park ....

So I had a day off over the Easter weekend, it was raining ..... so in between rain showers, working on assignments and catching up on other stuff I took a walk to the park with my lil sis and did some playing, hahahahaha

and of course a trip to the park isn't complete without a turn on the slippery-dip .... weeeeeeeeee

or the swing ....

I really make myself wonder sometimes!

What I'm wearing, a plain black t-shirt, mauve scarf, grey/mauve fluffy layered skirt, black jumper with faux fur trim, tights and lace up shoes, oh and a bright pink oversized flower in my hair to brighten up this dreary rainy day.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

20 000 Subscriber Competition - now CLOSED

PLEASE READ ---- 20,000 subscribers is worth having a competition, thank you all so much for your support, I honestly appreciate it and love having competitions and know that people love winning stuff so what better reason to do it!!!!!!
There are two ways to enter, please be sure to read the ‘Instructions’ before entering:
Just choose one of the photos on my facebook page to be inspired by. Make either; a makeup OR hair (or both if you want) video based on that photo then upload it as a ‘video response’ to this video. PLEASE be sure to have ‘lilcammo93 - 20k sub comp’ in the title. Entries will be based on creativity.
Please leave a comment below about ‘what you love about YouTube’, ONE comment per YouTube Account please. Comment winners (3) will be picked by a ramdon picker on the internet as I find it too difficult just choosing 1 or 2 winners, but I DO read every comment.
Be a Suscriber of mine
LIKE this video
Have your parent/guardians permission if you are under 16
Go to my Facebook Page and choose which photo you want to be inspired by (LIKE the photo and page)
ALSO to enter (after you have done the above)
FOR VIDEO RESPONSE ONLY: Favourite this video
FOR COMMENT PRIZES ONLY:Please leave a comment below about ‘what you love best about YouTube’
FOR FACEBOOK PRIZE ONLY:‘Become a Member’ (it’s a Newsletter) at Tantycosmetics: a comment on the post labelled ‘‎20,000 SUBSCRIBER COMPETITION COMMENTS’ telling me what your YouTube username is and what season you are in:
****PRIZES ****
A $100 Gift Voucher to spend at MAKEUPNET.COM on whatever you want – Makeupnet have a great variety of products, they have Limecrime with it’s wild fun colours and Medusa’s Makeup which has glitter!!! They also have some Ben Nye and NYX makeup and Shoes too, they are an Australian online store and have very generously provided this prize.

Sigma ‘Make Me Up’ Brush Kit worth $99 - A beautiful professional 12 piece brush kit which comes in a durable and multifunctional container and includes both face and eye brushes! Besides protecting your brushes, the exclusive container that you get transforms into 2 stylish brush holders! Sigma are known for their affordability and quality. This set comes in 4 different colours, black, aqua, purple and coral, take a peek!

From Crushcosmetics there are two prizes:

From Tantycosmetics there is a wonderful Fun makeup bundle – You get a Kleancolor Rainbow Spendour 18 eyeshadow pallet, a Baked eyeshadow quad from LA Colors, a blush compact from LA Girl a NYX Jumbo Eyepencil and also a LA Girl Lipstick.

TANTYCOSMETICS: (go and subscribe, what are you waiting for?)
Thank you so much to Sigmabeauty, Makeupnet, Crushcosmetics and Tantycosmetics for the donation of all these wonderful prizes!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm loving these right now ...

Ok so I thought I'd let you know what I've been using alot of over the past couple of weeks, you know, the things I am constantly grabbing for all of a sudden ...

Firstly above is my Clean Start Brightening Up tinted moisturiser, I'm finding I'm using this much more than my regular Clean Start moisturiser right now, I love how light it feels on my face and I'm thinking it could have something to do with the change in the seasons? Anyway, I've been using it every day lately.

Next is my Sigma Roundtop Kabuki - F82, I constantly use this brush for powder, I really do love it.

My Lime Crime Magic Dust in 'Top Hattie' which was sent from '', this is a really pretty loose eyeshadow that highlights the eyes beautifully! It has a slight sparkle which is really really pretty.

I've been using my Botanics Cheek Colour in 30 Pumpkin (above) alot over the past week or so, just seems to sit well on my face right now! I think I picked this up quite some time ago from Priceline and a nice eyeshadow pallet I picked up from Tantycosmetics is the NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette in 'Velvet Rope', this is from 'The Runway Collection'. The colours have little sparkles in them and the purples are very, very nice.

Lastly, a couple of weeks ago I went Op-Shopping/Thrift Shopping and bagged myself a small bundle of bracelets, they are nice and 'earthy' looking, I tend to mix them with a couple of metal bracelets and denim ones too, I would have to say the thick shell one on the right is my best fav. They cost $2.00 for 4!!!!! Bargain

Monday, April 18, 2011

Shiny Voluminous Beachy Waves with VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler

I was fortunate to be sent the 'Big Hair Styler' in early March from VS Sassoon to trial and review, as you know I am a big fan of their products and this is a great addition to their range that actually does make my hair shinier and increases the volume just like it says it does. It has two rotation buttons and two heat settings and is ideal for medium to long hair, the soft bristles of the brush help to create softness, shine and a slight wave effect, you also get a plastic sleeve to cover the brush part when not in use for protection.

See my Video tutorial here:

It does take time getting used to the rotation control but like everything else, practice makes perfect. I found it works best when your hair is just slightly damp (about 80% dry), you wouldn't want to use it on 'wet' hair. I probably wouldn't recommend using heat on your hair every day, but for a nice change this is a cool product.

Probably the only thing I disliked about this product is the plastic material it is made with, I just think it makes it look a little 'tacky' for the price.

The 'Big Hair Styler' was brought out in time for Mother's Day in Australia but I think it's great for any person looking for this type of product. It is also easier to use than a brush and hairdryer. It retails for AU$99.95.

VS Sasoon products are available in Australia and New Zealand from most good Department Stores.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What I'm loving right now ...

My Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper is my fav eye primer, it’s by Limecrime and it works so well with loose powders or any eyeshadows actually, it was sent to me from for review and has quickly became my favourite. It’s affordable and easy to buy for Aussie girls as is an Australian online store and they also have some other great products including GLITTER!!!!

Another thing I find myself reaching for time and time again are my Kleancolor -- Rainbow Splendor eyeshadow pallets, one of these were sent to me for review last year and I liked it so much I ordered the other one and I really do find them great to use, they are small enough to take on a sleepover and the range of colors in them is good and they are also very affordable, once again these are from an Australian online store called that gives great service.

Now that I’m on holidays for a while I’m enjoying being able to read my Dolly Magazine! Yeah I love this magazine and have read it for a couple of years now, I actually ranted about it in my 11,000 subscribers competition video, it’s the kind of thing you read from cover to cover quite literally more than once!
I’m lovin Maxxie the lil pup alot right now, hahahaha .... he’s so cute and tiny and his belly goes really big after he eats, too funny. We got him so that my pup ‘Hunny’ will have a playmate and husband, hehehe and hopefully one day have puppies of their own. Oh and to let you all know, he is not a ‘handbag puppy’, he is a normal dog that goes outside and causes trouble hahaha.


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