Sunday, March 27, 2011

Clean Makeup Brushes are Super Sweet!

Now I know a lot of people say you should clean your brushes every day or every other day but I really don't get the time to do that myself. I'm the only one who uses my brushes so they get cleaned when I get a chance, probably not quite as often as I should!

Well today, after working 8.5 hrs I came home to find my sister had cleaned them all for me, how sweet is that :D Last year over one of the holidays she had helped me clean them and learnt how I do it, boy I was so happy and I thought there might be a few girls out there that don't know how to clean their makeup brushes.

I don't use any fancy cleaners for my brushes, I just use a good shampoo to clean them (of course if you would prefer a proper cleaner or an antibacterial soap then use that). In a cup place a spoon of shampoo and then swirl your brush around in it, brush your brush onto your hand until all the dirt comes out, this may take a little while with foundation, lip and eyeliner brushes.

Rinse your brushes completely, gently pat them dry with a towel and let them dry with the brush end facing down if at all possible so that the water doesn't collect inside the handle (don't stand them on their bristles though). An easy method is to poke some holes in an old shoebox or any type of box that has some depth to it and put your brushes in that (recycling is always good). I use a small screwdriver to make some holes and then pushed the brushes through from the inside of the box giving a snug fit. For larger brushes use the screwdriver and then use a small brush to poke the hole and then an average size brush until you can fit the larger handle in the hole. Place an old towel or rag under the box to soak up any moisture.

Hope this helps someone out, happy cleaning :) xx

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  1. I asked my sister to find this blog post for me because i found it a while ago, and wanted to use it again. But not only did she go through the countless minutes to find it she cleaned my (two) brushes without telling me. She's just lovely! :) We also just followed your make up tutorial you did with your sister and it looks great with her lovely blue eyes! Your sister is so beautiful and she reminds me of mine. Thank you for your make-up wisdom! Lmao!

    Chelsea and Claire. <3


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