Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My UPDATED skin care!

Hello, SKIN Care  :D 

Im slowly getting in the hang of blogging again :) A lot of people have been requesting on Youtube that I do an Updated Skin Care Routine, so I've put one together for you today on my day off :) 

My skin care is super easy, all products I use are from the Body Shop "Vitamin E" line (light pink) and are extremely moisturising! I have been using some of these products for a month and I love them, especially in the colder weather as my skin drys out heaps. 

So the first thing I do in the morning is cleanse my face. This gets rid of any excess oils, dirt and makeup thats left over. I use 'Vitamin E gentle Facial Wash' for this. I get a little bit and put it on my exfoliator brush ($4 from body shop, seen in picture or I use my electronic one by Sun Laboratories that I have had for AGES, you can also purchase this one on Amazon here ) and just gently buff away to leave my skin feeling amazingly clean :D Rinse.

I use my 'Vitamin E Face Mist' and mist this all over my face. This is my favourite step and feels so refreshing! You can use this over makeup to freshen up through the day :) I like to use mine before I moisturise, morning and night.

Eyecream!! time to give those peepers a boost! My eyes have been extremly dry through winter and I find using this eye cream ('Vitamin E Eye Cream') helps to hydrate them and refresh them :) Eye creams I find are always a trial and error thing until you find the right one that suits you :)

MOISTURISE!!! I use 'Vitamin E Intense Moisturiser' and I do really like it :) It doesn't leave my skin feeling oily or greesy like some do, and it absorbs really quickly :) I like to apply mine when my face is still a bit damp after my face mist.

DON'T FORGET YOUR LIPS!!! I must admit, I neglect my lips something shocking and I'm Always chewing on them and they're drying out :( So, before I go to bed I like to use 'Blistex Intense Repair' Lip balm and it works wonders! It smells horrible, and has this really weird refreshing sting, but it hydrates them amazingly! It's about $2 and I have one in every bag just in case I'm walking around and my lips shrivel up and die. But through the day, if my lips aren't to bad I'll opt for something like  'Lucas PaPaw Ointment' or my body shop lip butter in 'DragonFruit' because they are still hydrating but smell much more pleasing :)

And every week or 2 I like to do a facial Scrub like this one here :) 

So that concludes my Skin Care Routine and I hope you find it useful :)


Friday, July 12, 2013

I'm BACK!!

Hey there lovelies :)

 I'm so so SO sorry it's been so long since my last post! Ive just been really busy and then when I wasn't busy I've been more focused on my youtube (lilcammo93.) and it's just kinda slipped from my mind until today mid way through a pedicure (did i mention i work at a nail salon now?) day dreaming when it struck me. I NEED to blog! not just "want to", no, NEED to! See I am one of those people that has issue(s) and when something happens instead of letting it all out I build it up and don't realise it till its as tall as my washing pile and then I snap from the tiniest, most irrevelent thing, like not being able to find my lipstick in my clutter filled bag (true story). So, I've come to the conclusion that blogging will be GOOD for me (as good as internet addictions gets -BOO YEAH!)

I've always liked blogging but going through some of my old posts I really want to be more personal, so in years I can look back and see what mischievous teenage Cassie was up to.

So my gaol:

Upload a blog post every week!! woo! 

so lets have a general catch up :)
  • I finished my diploma in Cinemographic makeup :D even though where I live at the moment there isn't much call for gore makeup, my course did cover basic makeup, so I can do weddings and formals and all that stuff as well
boxing Injury, cut nose and lip scaring 

formal/ wedding looks :) 

  • I have a Job at a nail salon (where I'm still currently working) and do freelance makeup on the side
  • Tom and I have been dating for 1 year and 8 months now :D

<--this one was called Moonbean :3
the eyebrows...

  • im 19, another year older haha

I spent my Birthday/New years eve building a sand castle chair with Tom so we could sit comfortably when the fireworks were on. I regret nothing 

and matches my heels!! :D

  • I  Saw magicians :3
It was so awesome!!!
  • I bought an iMac and completely re- arranged my room :D its more mature looking and helps me keep focus :)
  • did I mention I bought a car?
  • I had a haircut with the rudest hairdresser ever and came out looking the exact same -_-

  • I went on a holiday with my really Good friends Lauren and Rach to Melbourne and Sydney :D

  • my car's blue :3

  • got addicted to instagram!! follow me: cassandramichelle (my subtle plug ;) )

  • got super glue in my eye, I think I lost a toe nail at one point as well 
So thats a bit of a catch up on my life :D obviously a lot more has happened but that's all the stuff I can remember off the top of my head :) haha

So the point of this post is to let you know that more posts are on their way :D I want this blog to become a lot more personal, and don't be surprised if I use it to vent as well haha 

Anways, I hope you all are doing well and enjoing life and making amazing memories :D I know I am :)

mush love,


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