Monday, July 25, 2011

Mother Nature Inspired Makeup

This is my inspired 'look' of Mother Nature/Earth which I tried to keep very 'do-able' for everyone, it's the type of look that's great for Halloween or pretty much any type of 'dress-up' party year round.

In my interpretation I have used GREEN to represent the trees, grass and foliage and BLUE for the rivers, rain and the sky.  BROWNS were added for the earth's rich soils and mountains and RED/PINK for the flowers and fire along with GEMS for the beautiful minerals of the earth and my dress is a deep GREEN/BLUE, flowing like the oceans and the veil moves just like the wind.

Products Used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion -
120 eyeshadow Pallet -
Devine Sleek Highlighter pallet - Sun Goddess -
Barry M Dazzle Dust - Lime -
NYX Doll Eye Mascara (waterproof) -
NYX Studio Liquid Liner - Purple -

BYS Gel Eyeliner - Black Magic - Cosmetics Plus
BYS Liquid Pearlised Eyeliner - Gold - Cosmetics Plus
BYS 5 pallet bronzer - Cosmetics Plus

Medusa's Makeup Mascara - Blue Blood -
Limecrime Magic Dust - Troubadour -
LA Girl Lipstick - Devoted -

False eyelashes - Cosmetics Plus
22" Remy Hair Extensions -
tiny clips - woolworths


Dress, veil and long garland of white roses - Op Shop/Thrift Store - $12.00 but on sale for 50% off so - $6.00
Blue and Green Gems and leaf - local scrapbook store - $5.00
Assorted stems of flowers from $1.00 store - $4.00
Green fabric dye - bargain bin at chemist - $2.50
Butterfly clips, 2 pack from craftstore - $3.99

Total cost of outfit - $21.49

The dress was a very shiny teal satin 80's style bridesmaid dress with a large collar, it was dyed a deep green (which didn't really work well but still gave a 'dirty/earthy' look) and the collar was cut off.  The headband was removed from the veil and then the veil was draped around the shoulder line of the dress and roughly sewn on, an old doily was attached to the right shoulder to add more interest.  Part of the garland, foliage and flowers were then hot glued onto the veil keeping the majority focused on the right shoulder and a long piece of the garland was attached to the long piece of veiling hanging down the back to one side.

The headpiece was made using the flimsy headband from the veil where I hot glued random flowers and foliage to. It was made to go to one side to keep the outfit in balance.

Two large purchased butterflies were used, one on the headpiece and one on the shoulderline.

The dress is teamed with a pair of 'Joshua Berger' vintage teal pumps.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Chick Approved

I've been an Ambassador for Chick Approved for a while now but I haven't really said alot about it, mainly because I don't get dressed up to go out as much as I'd like :/ which gets me to the point that Chick Approved isn't just about 'dressing up' it's about what we wear on a daily basis as well.  It's a place where girls can share their taste and style in clothing and feel comfortable about themselves.  Have you ever wondered what to wear to a certain event before, tried googling 'what to wear to ...............'? I know I've been guilty of this myself but now I can just go to Chick Approved and see what other's would wear to the same sort of event to get some ideas and inspiration.  It doesn't cost anything to join the site, all you need is a facebook account and you're set to go and make friends and enjoy the runways and peaking into other's 'closets' :D  Anyway if you do join don't forget to 'friend' me and remind me to upload a 'look' once in a while (cos I forget sometimes)

Chickapproved:  lilcammo93

'Balmy' Weather, IMATS and more ....

Well not really but it's the kind of weather you really need to use a lip balm, seriously, so I've been trying out a new one this past week on the recommendation of a friend, it's the 'Blistex Lip Conditioner' and to be honest I'm quite happy with it but it's not as moist as I was expecting :/  Another I tried recently was the Maybelline 'Baby Lips' which worked quite well but it really doesn't compare to my 'Lucas Paw Paw Ointment', I just keep on coming back to this one <3

I've been trying out some Hair Extensions this week, I've never used any before so it's a bit trial and error right now but I'm finding that practice makes almost perfect :)  I'll be doing a mini review and tutorial shortly with them so keep your eyes out.

My room has been moved!!!! Yeah I came home from school the other day and I'm in a different room now :/  It's pretty much the same as my last one and arranged the same but I now have a mirror behind me when I film which isn't a good thing, luckily my mum has a screen so this is what you may be seeing in my future videos instead of my room.

So last weekend I found I needed to get my nails infilled because they were starting to grow a little long and you could seen my nail tip below the french tip and I'd banged one of my nails and it was lifting a little, this ended up costing me $35.00, .....  I hope my nails start growing a little slower now or maybe I should start investing in some nail polishes ? :)

July is half way through which means it's not too far til September is here and we all know what September brings don't we?  Yep, that's right it's IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) in Sydney which is produced by 'Makeup Artist Magazine' and this will be my first ever time attending, it's on the 24th and 25th.  I'm super excited to be attending and even more excited that I'm going to see an old friend when I get down there and we'll discover the wonders of IMATS together.  I'm planning on catching a couple of demonstrations and will be vlogging throughout my trip.

International Makeup Artist Trade Show

I hope I get to meet alot of new friends when I go :)

Sunsilk’s Frizz & Weather Defence Range - Review

Sunsilk has again teamed up with Teddy Charles who is the creator of the world's latest runway and premier fashion magazine looks.  This time around (yes he's helped with two other collections) it's to co - create Sunsilk's most advanced Frizz Control formulation helping to control unruly hair and create a smooth and defined hairstyle for up to 24hours, the formulation says it provides dual protection against the effects of changes in the weather and my hair needs all the help it can get in winter weather so giving this product a trial appealed to me greatly.

What you receive in this collection is the 'Frizz and Weather Defence Shampoo and Conditioner' along with the 'Frizz Control and Light Cream' and 'Weather Protection and Shine Serum'.  The Shampoo and Conditioner both have a sweetish smell that isn't offensive to me but could be if you weren't into 'scents'.  The bottles are a pretty aqua colour and are designed to stand upsidedown and with curved sides and tapered ends which I think helps with grip if you've got slippery hands in the shower. 

I found that the Shampoo and Conditioner actually made my hair feel oilier than normal which isn't a good thing as my scalp tends to get oily enough on it's own :( (probably a teenage thing!) they did help with the frizzes on the ends though.  I trialled them both on my sister's hair (her hair is really thick and very frizzy in damper weather) and she had great results with the Shampoo and Conditioner, they left her hair a lot more controllable and smooth.

With the 'Frizz Control and Light Cream' and 'Weather Protection and Shine Serum' the results were good, there was definitely a shine to my hair and the ends were noticeably more controllable and both products felt light and easy to use.

The Sunsilk Frizz & Weather Defence is a four step program - to Cleanse, Nourish Protect and Shine and these products are very affordable ranging from ($AU) $5.99 - $11.99.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

GIVEAWAY - Sigma Premium Professional Brush Kit

Thanks so much to Sigma for providing the prize for this giveaway which is one complete 'Premium Professional Brush Kit with Roll' including 15 unique brushes which consist of 7 face brushes, 7 eye brushes and a lip brush in a faux leather brush roll. I would recommend the Sigma Premium Brush Kit for makeup enthusiasts that already have the 'basic' brushes. This kit normally sells for $149.00 (US) is currently on sale for $139.00 (US). For your chance to win one please be sure to watch my video

I like the Sigma brushes but I find some of them much more useful than others, my favs are the 'big fluff', 'lip brush' (L05), 'short shader' (E20) along with the 'Small Eye Liner' (E10).  This is a 'Professional' kit so I can't recommend it for people just starting out in makeup, it's more for 'enthusiasts' and those who may want to get into makeup as a profession.  I do find the face brushes shed a little when you first get them.  They do seem to wash well but I've only washed them once so far so time will tell.

I can't compare to other 'higher end' brushes as I haven't tried other brands.  This is my opinion as someone who has only really used the cheaper brands.

Sigma Brushes: 

Friday, July 1, 2011

What to do when you're sick ...

I don't normally get sick but I've come down with a cold/flu, I'm not sure exactly what it is but I know it sucks! :(  Both my friends were sick last week so I guess I know how I got it.  The last couple of days have been spent bumming around my house feeling sorry for myself and trying to find something to do that doesn't take any effort at all :D

This is what I've been doing, I've watched YouTube, many many videos, I've watched TV a little, I went for a slow walk with my doggy Hunny and ended up carrying her, I did a little cooking, I watched more YouTube, I re-tanned my legs, I've made honey and lemon tea, I facebooked, I formspringed and I've snuggled up with my fav blanket and slept ............... <3

Unfortunately there's not a lot you can do when you don't feel well because even the simplest things require energy, I even tried a little dancing in my room but it failed!!!! :(


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