Thursday, November 8, 2012

Getting Organised!!!

It's been way too long since my last blog post!!! Life seems to have become incredibly full right now and the little spare time I do have disappears very quickly :) I think organisation is the key to getting everything done that needs doing and being organised has never been one of my strong points :( although I do try to be organised I tend to get distracted pretty easily too hahaha!!!! :D

Having my makeup in compartments inside my drawers does help and so does having special places for my brushes and other supplies, as long as I remember to put everything back where it goes there's no real problem. Forming good habits of putting things away can be a life saver when you're in a hurry and need to find something. If you're one of those people who leaves everything all over the place when they are getting ready to go out, try putting at least one thing back where it belongs every day, let's say your makeup brushes, be sure to put your brushes back every time you use them! Over the week it will become a habit to put them away and before you know it you won't even realise you're doing it!!! :) The next week, try putting something else back once you're finished, let's say your hair accessories/products, do the same thing all week (as well as putting the brushes away) and before you know it you will be putting other things back where they belong too.

It's all a matter of forming good habits, do something often enough and you will just do it automatically, whether it's a good thing or bad and this doesn't only work with 'tidying' it works in every part of your life, forming good habits that you want to have is just a matter of a little discipline and desire.

Now I need to get back in to the habit of writing on my blog so I'm setting myself a challenge of at least two blog posts a week, so let's see how I go!!

I hope someone finds this little post helpful in some way :)


  1. Best of luck- life really can get in the way sometimes!


  2. This is so true!! Being organized in your physical life also make you more organized mentally as well!!

    <3 Megan, to: Hello Beautiful

  3. Believe me without organizing my stuff i can't focus and i can't do any simple thing no matter how easy it seems.

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