Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm Back, November Sample Boxes and New Toys :)

I'm Back

YAY!!!! I returned from Schoolies in one piece, safe and sound :) I had a great time, it was a real 'eye opener' but I'm sooooo glad I went.  I think the key to schoolies is having great friends around you and to watch out for each other at all times :) and have FUN!!! I went with my best friend Juanita and another wonderful friend of our's 'Jessie', we all got along great and kept an eye on each other, hehehe :D I think the only disappointing thing about our trip was that we had booked a 'studio' apartment and only had a kettle and fridge!!! There were only cups, saucers and spoons and that's it :( Of course that's what you get in a 'studio' style room but we didn't give that any thought before we went, hahaha ..... take note, if you want to cook get a room with a kitchen!!!! :) We did survive, we bought lots of noodles, sandwich stuff and fruit and also got pizza :))) The resort put on a free BBQ breakfast every day so we filled up on that too.

Snorkeling with the girls ... hehehe :D

New Toys

I'm back now and will be recording and uploading videos again very soon.Unfortunately my video camera lost it's mind over the past week or so (it has been mucking up for a while now) and I finally had to buy a new one when I got home.  I bought the JVC GZHM30 High Def camera in red for $249.00. It's a cheap little camera that should do the job quite well, or so I've been told. Yes there are better quality HD cameras out there but when it comes to editing, saving and uploading to youtube you don't need it to take forever which is what the other 'better' cameras will do, the less time it takes me to upload, the better it is and more enjoyable. I guess trial and error and time will see how well it works.

Photo property of WOW Sight and Sound
(* Update *)
I ended up returning this camera because it didn't perform the way I wanted, it also felt a little too flimsy for me. I bought the Canon T31100 instead and so far I'm very happy with it).

My phone was also dying a very slow and painful death lately so I upgraded to the Ipod 4s .......... what can I say, I'm in lurvvvvvvvvvvve :))))))) compared to my old nokia it's a dream although I still need to work some things out.

Photo property of  Apple Iphone

November Sample Boxes (Australia)

Because November was so busy and hectic I didn't get a chance to photograph the individual Sample boxes because most arrived just before I went away, so I'll just tell you what was inside them. This month I received the 'I Love This Box', 'Lust Have It', 'GlossyBox' and 'Bellabox' boxes. It was the first month for the 'I Love This Box' and I was quite happy with it, the scent throughout the box was just lovely and I found out it was from the shampoo and conditioner that were sent. It was very moreish, maybe the sample box people should take note that we like 'scented boxes' :))) hahahaha This was also the first month for 'Glossy Box' (formerly 'Beauty Box') and I was not disappointed at all, in fact this was my fav box so far of 'Beauty Box' and was just as good as 'Glossy Box'.  I t has to be noted that the box did arrive 'disappointingly late' in the month, the 28th to be exact, but I'm sure when there's a takeover things don't always go smoothly so they are forgiven this month :)))

What was in them??????   Here we go ...

I Love This Box

Caudalie Paris - Set of 3 Facial Care Samples - Moisturiser, Anti-wrinkle serum and nourishing cream
NVEY Eco's Taupe (#172) Eyeshadow
Essie French Affair Collection - Spring 2011 Nail Polish
Keratinology by Sunsilk - Salon Perfection Hair Collection - Shampoo and Conditioner (smells lovely)
POD - Liquid Tan Gradual Tanning Face Serum

Lust Have It

RoC - Complete Lift New Techology Daily Moisturiser
Nude by Nature - Lip Liner in 'Chique Natural'
Lancome - Tresor Midnight Rose - Perfume sample x 2
Hawley International - Miracle Shine 2 Step Miracle Nail Shiner
Kerastase - Nectar Thermique - Heat protectant

Glossy Box

Jurlique - Purely Age Defying Ultra Firm & Lift Cream
Bio Oil - Bio oil for ageing, scars and stretchmarks etc.
Esie - Summer Nail Colour
Bobbi Brown - Cleansing Oil
Mirenesse - 3D Forever Lip Gloss
Bonus - Bag of pink jelly beans ........... yummy :)

Bella Box

Lancome Visionnaire - Cult - Advanced skin corrector
Erborian - 4 x sachet samples - BB Cream, Total Eye, Yuza Sobert, Elixir Au Ginseng
Gatineau Melatogenine Force Collagene - Cult - Anti-wrinkle cream
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tar
Orofluido - Hair Elixir
Twistband - Hair tie


  1. it's the 30th of November and I still haven't got my glossybox.
    They told me they shipped it a couple days ago. SIGH!

  2. Hope you had fun at schoolies, did you stay in Queensland for schoolies or visit another state? :)

  3. Just wondering, do you use any "Sephora" products? I was thinking of trying some but I'd rather get more opinions on the matter before buying stuff :/

  4. Unfortunately Sephora do not ship to Australia :(


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