Friday, November 11, 2011

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About six or seven weeks ago I was sent a box full of goodies from to try out and if I liked them I could do a review or mention them in a video or something but was under no obligation to talk about them at all!  Well I liked them, in fact I liked them a lot, I featured them in my very first 'Show & Tell' video, and I find myself grabbing for a lot of the pieces all the time.  Now these aren't 'real' jewels, they are what is known as 'dress jewelry' that is usually worn for a season or two and that's it.You can buy the same quality items from places like Diva, Target or Equip here in Australia.

A selection of bracelets and rings


What is different about these pieces is the price, these items sell for at least half the price that the stores in Australia do. Their packaging was adequate and nothing was broken, actually nothing has broken after all these weeks either! It took about a week for the package to arrive as they have a warehouse in Australia which is a bonus and I found their customer service to be great.

This site regularly updates stock, looking there today I see there are quite a few new items available and they also stock makeup.

From the experience I've had with I can recommend them, obviously the more you buy the better the deal when it comes to postage which in Australia is about $9.00.  For young girls it's a great site as they really don't want to be spending lots of money on accessories that they may not wear next year!!!

Another great idea to keep in mind for Christmas and Birthday gifts.

Great variety of earrings

You can visit HERE

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  1. These are gorgeous! Very lucky of you! :) I love the the big blue stone ring and the cross necklace.
    Lucy x


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