Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Beyonce 'Pulse' eau de parfum

Last week on my shopping trip I walked through Myer's perfume department (as you do, always ... :)) and there in it's glory, flashing lights and all, was Beyonce 'Pulse' on display!!! :) Well of course I had to try it didn't I, I then went around sampling numerous other perfumes on the little cards making myself a little light headed, hehehe, sniffed at the coffee beans and continued on :)

I liked it, I kept going back to the swatch and smelling it and I really liked it.

It's described as being a 'citrus, floral gourmand (someone who enjoys gourmet), anchored by Beyonce's favourite flower, the orchid'.

To me it's much more like passion fruit in a way, very sweet and quite tropical. It smells young and fun and is pretty strong to start with but then gets a little bit powdery as the fragrance matures but not too much. I really wanted a new perfume for the warmer weather and it was a toss up between 'Pulse' and 'Sensuous Nude', can you guess which one I decided to buy???? Yeah, I bought 'Pulse' this time around and am pleased with my puchase.

For $89.00 I got

100ml (3.4fl oz) eau de parfum vaporisor - natural spray
15ml (0.5fl oz) eau de parfum vaporisor - natural spray
75ml (2.5fl oz) luminous body milk
75ml (2.5fl oz) luminous hower cream

The 100ml bottle normally sells for $89.00 (in australia).  There was a choice between the boxed package I chose or you could get a large tote bag with your purchase instead.

The bottle is designed to stand 'upside down' with the large silver lids, which are inspired by Beyonce's costumes, being removable from the bottles and the body milk has a 'shimmer' to it which I didn't realise until I got outside. I felt a little like a vampire when I went in the sun, hahaha, I guess this would look great for night time partying.

Of course you have to remember this fragrance is not a concentrate so for an all-day scent you may need to reapply a few times, a little disappointing that it looses it's fragrance so quickly. That's one of the reasons I went for the boxed package, so that I could carry the smaller bottle in my handbag!! :)

In my opinion this is a scent for a younger person.

The packaging is pretty flash and I'm sure I'll find a use for the box. My only other real disappointment is that it didn't come with the flashing lights like the ones on the display :P hahaha :) and yes, I did ask! hahahaha :D


  1. Such a pretty package! The packaging is what makes me pick up a perfume in the first place!

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  4. I work in the perfume department of Myer and I've had to hold back from buying this one... it's so lovely and the bottle is gorgeous! I really don't need more perfume but I reckon I'll cave in the next couple of weeks >.>


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