Friday, September 30, 2011

Stay Red and Racy with Sunsilk!!!

Do you love ‘Red Hair’? I have to admit I do, especially that beautiful soft deep velvet red.  Celebrities have been rocking the Red for some time now with Rihanna and Ariana both sporting the vibrant colour on a regular basis and lately the ‘Red’ is becoming more mainstream with all shades appearing in the streets from ginger strawberry and soft red through to fiery electric!

Public Domain Image
Public Domain Image

Unfortunately for me, my school has very strict guidelines on what is and what is not acceptable :( and I’m thinking the shade I’d go for would fall in the ‘is NOT acceptable’ category!! hehehe  This does not prevent me from admiring others who can wear this colour with style. :D

Anyway, if you’re one of the lucky ones and have dyed your hair any shade of red then you’ll be happy to know that Sunsilk have a two part system especially for red hair, ‘Sunsilk Co-creations Vibrant Colour Protection by RitaHazan’ is here to help you keep your locks looking the way you want. This protector is especially designed to lock the colour in and protect the hair molecule.  ‘Rita Hazan’ is a sought after colourist know for helping to reinvent celebrity looks and has worked with J Lo, Jessica Simpson and Jessica Beal.

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The ‘Sunsilk Co-creations Vibrant Colour Protection’ range contains both shampoo and conditioner  and is priced from $4.79 - $11.99 each.

Something to remember when dyeing your hair a different colour is that you will probably need to adjust your makeup to compliment it, this may also include adjusting the shade of your eyebrows. Play around with your makeup and find out what looks great both inside and out, get a bff to help with this if you have to, you know the ‘brutally honest’ bff who gives you tuff love!!!! Hahaha :D

Hopefully one day in the future I'll get to go Red and when I do I know there'll be a product to help keep it that way :)


  1. I love you :D

  2. The red hair whbit short haircut like Rihanna fits right, but whit long hair i dont like it.

  3. I love emma stones red hair! You are also very inspiring to me coz I'm a young aussie as well :) Can you please check out my blog? thx.
    Tess xox


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