Sunday, October 2, 2011

September Loves ...

I can't believe September has come and gone already, my school holidays are over and I've got about  7 weeks of school left forever!!!! :D ... I feel so old

There's a few things I loved in September, number one on my list would have to be the 'School Holidays' hehe! :D

Then secondly is my Ipod :D .... that's probably because I wasn't having to study too much and could have it in my ears! Yep, laying in the hammock on a warm sunny day listening to my fav music is something that I really loved in September! :)

Another thing I'm in love with is 'Mother' energy drink! ooo there is nothing like a refreshing boost of energy on a lazy day :3

I also really like my Estee Lauder Double Wear stay in place foundation in Ecru that I bought and mentioned in my Show and Tell video. It matches my skin tone EXACTLY, goes on smoothly and gives me perfect coverage, I also got this really cool sample pack as a freebie when I purchased this and I'm in LOVE and I mean LUURRRVVEE with the Estee Lauder perfume  - Sensuous Nude. It smells AMAZING, almost fruity but not quite, very lovely  :D

A few other things i have really been liking this month are my mini sample size 'Hypnose Doll Eyes' mascara by Lancome in 'So Black' that I got in my September LustHaveIt sample pack as well as Kerastase Hair Elixir (again - sample size) it makes my hair really soft and less fuzzy than normal. Pretty sure you can get the Elixir from selected Stefan Salons in Australia.

I've really been into smells this month, and so I have been addicted to wearing my Playboy Parfum deodorant in ' Play it Spciy'. it has a really unique smell, one of those smells you have to keep sniffing because one sniff is never enough :D I liked it so much I went and bought it's partner 'Play it Sexy'... I like this one too, but not as much  :) You can buy these easily enough in Woolworths for about $4.65.

I bought a lot of new stuff in September but I need time to use them for a while to really know if I like them or not so next month's list should be a bit longer than this one :)


  1. Great faves, love your youtube channel have been following religiously :) x


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