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Remington Smart Sensor with Keratin Therapy Hair Straightener - Review

As some of you may know, I try not to use too much heat on my hair and I’ve had my faithful old hair straightener for about three and a half years now, it’s looking a bit worse for wear but it was still doing the job it was supposed to do for a ‘low end’ straightener. Well, I am now the proud owner of the ‘Smart Sensor with Keratin Therapy’ hair straightener by Remington. This is part of the new range from Remington due for release in March, 2012.

The new range is made up of

Smart Sensor with Keratin Therapy Hair Straightener
Keratin Therapy Tong
Keratin Therapy Dryer

Apparently all these Keratin products are meant to ‘reinstate shine, vibrance and health’ into our hair through the keratin infused plates! Wow :D I wasn’t really sure what this meant so I set about finding out :)

So, the hair is made up of dead cells along with the nails, skin and teeth, and keratin is a natural protein that serves as a protective coating to these cells. These cells are melded together and appear at different rates of toughness in different parts of the body like nails and teeth are much stronger than skin and hair but they all come from the same type of cells and it’s important to keep them strong and healthy to help protect the new cells under the skin.

The Smart Sensor with Keratin Therapy Hair Straightener has plates that are infused with Keratin and once the straightener heats up, the keratin is transferred to the hair and locked in. The keratin is said to last the lifetime of the straightener as well.

Not only does the straightener have ‘Keratin’ but it also has a smart sensor that will ‘sense’ the dryness level of your hair and adjust the heat accordingly. So if your hair is very dry on the ends, the heat setting will drop when you get to that area so that it doesn’t ‘fry’ your hair any more and which should help to prevent even more brittle ends that we all hate to see!! :) it will also re-adjust when it senses healthier hair again :) You could say it’s a little like a ‘body guard’ for your hair :D

This is a ‘professional’ grade straightener which means the heat settings are very high, you need to be careful to use the correct heat setting for your type of hair like you would with any heating tool.

Guidelines for heat and hair types

Very fine, fragile damaged hair – 300 – 340 deg F
Normal, easy to straighten hair – 375 deg F
Thick, difficult to straighten hair – 410 – 450 deg F


·         Keratin infused ceramic plates
·         Heat sensor
·         Digital control
·         It has a swivel cord which makes styling that much easier
·         230 deg C, 450 deg F (highest heat)
·         Turbo boost to highest heat
·         30 second instant heat
·         ‘Safety Shut Off’ that will shut the straightener off after one hour of inactivity, I really like this :)
·         Hinge lock for easy storage

My thoughts :)

Well I think this straightener works very well, it does a lovely job of straightening and leaves the hair feeling silky soft and very shiny, you can also use it for curling your hair like you can any other straightener :) There is no smell or odour when using it and it is easy to use. The straightener is a shiny tan/beige colour on the top and matte black on the under side.

It's recommended retail price is $103.95 in Australia which isn't exactly the cheapest straightener around but also far from being the most expensive, it's a 'smart' product so that's what you're paying for.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope someone finds this post useful.


  1. Haven't tried this one yet! I've been using the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Styling Iron, I can straighten, curl and create waves with it because the pure ceramic tourmaline plates have rounded edges and heat up to 460F. My hair looks gorgeous!

    1. IF you haven't use it then you should try it. Remington is one of the best brand in hair straightener. There are also many other good brand like Philips and in low category you can also try NOVA hair straightener which are best in low cost segment.

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