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GIVEAWAY (closed) - Cute Fashion Jewellery - Gofavor.com - Review

I have to admit I'd never heard of this store before so when I went to have a look around I was totally shocked at the prices they ask for their jewellery! Just looking around the site took for ever because they have a HUGE selection of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and hair accessories.

Ok, I wasn't overly thrilled with the hair accessories so I stuck to the jewellry items. I do find that there are some things that I wouldn't buy, but there were also many pieces that I really liked, in fact probably too many, hahaha :D

You need to keep in mind that some things are not made to last a lifetime and that some things are made for a 'season', these jewellery pieces are just that, made for a season, they are fun costume pieces that are cheap and easy to buy which is excellent for young girls.

Ok, so what did I get?

I chose five items from the store, one necklace, two rings and two pairs of earrings.
Necklace - 'Charming Black Beads Choker' and cost $7.99
I do like the look of this necklace, it fits nicely and has some weight to it but it's not too heavy. There are a row of rhinestones along the chain which dresses it up a bit.  The only problem I found with this necklace is that the gaps between the balls are a little uneven in a couple of places (not that noticeable), if you are OCD then this is not a good choice for you :D but if you don't mind a tiny imperfection then it's fine.

Vintage Flying Loveheart Band - $2.79
I like this ring and have had a few compliments on it already. It fits me really well and I have very tiny fingers and it's in that nice coppery colour.
Elegant Leaf Ring - $1.99
This is a design that caught my eye on tumblr, there are a few pictures going around with this ring so when I saw it on the site I grabbed it, and at only $1.99 why wouldn't I, I chose it in silver. This ring fits me very well and is comfortable to wear.
A note to take into account with the rings, I did notice that the sizes were quite small so be sure to check this if you are ordering :)

Vintage Coppery Cross Drop Earrings -$3.99
These are very cute, they are light, casual and easy to wear, they are a nice size without being too big. The coppery finish is very 'in' right now too.
Celebrity Inspired Large Hoops with Rhinestones - $4.99
hahaha well these satisfied the 'girly girl' in me :D They are big and sparkly but they are not heavy at all. I have tiny ears so anything heavy drags them down and gives my lobes a weird look. I think these will be lots of fun on a night out.

The packaging was fairly simple, jewellry was in small plastic bags wrapped in bubble wrap (lots) and then more bubble wrap on top, this may be a problem if you order something very delicate as it may get bent if it's pushed down too hard, this was all in a small cardboard box. If you spend over $15.00 you get free shipping and for me it took two days to arrive in Australia !!! Gotta love that :D

THE GIVEAWAY (International) - Now Closed

Thank you to everyone who entered this little giveaway, winner will be announced and contacted within the next two days :D

So I have a little Giveaway, for anyone who would like to win the following three items, they are brand new and have not been opened :)

'Charming Black Beads Choker'
Vintage Coppery Cross Drop Earrings
Elegant Leaf Ring

just follow me on my blog and leave me a comment below together with your email so that I can get in touch with you if you win.

Winner will be announced in one week :D  Good Luck!!!


  1. love all these items!

  2. really pretty

  3. Hi! Thankyou for the opportunity to win! I love accessories! My email is kookla123@yahoo.com

  4. Thank you soooo much for this opportunity Cassie!!! <3
    My email is julyaryak@gmail.com

  5. i wanna try the choker!!! :P

  6. moorea12@winthrop.edu :)
    this stuff is so neat!

  7. I love the necklase! Thanks for a chance to make it mine ^.^ :D

  8. The jewellery is all super gorgeous! :)


  9. Woah they look awesome :) I'm trying to build up my jewellrey collection, so this would really help!

  10. very pretty


  11. I love the ring and the necklace, I don't have pierced ears so not too keen on the earings. madwelshgirl@googlemail.com

  12. The necklace is really pretty!! and the earings too!

  13. i love these pieces!!!
    is the giveaway international? if it is then i would LOVE to win these :) i live in the US

  14. I love the necklace

  15. on ur make up remover video,, u wore this necklace, ryt?? so pretty...thanx for the giveaway...
    email : rahamonijakblak@gmail.com

  16. That necklace is beautiful! Thanks for these awesome giveaways!

  17. Gorgeous! Thanks for the chance! Love the ring! :D

  18. thanks for the chance. i probably wont win becausse i never win anything but......... what the heck

  19. btw i didnt copy ur username my friend made it up 4 me i didnt want to look like some creepy stalker. and now that i think about it it would be wierd to put my name up if i won some thing, thats why well i guess theres no point sry i hope u reply

  20. All of them are simply adorable - especially the earrings. Thanks for the giveaways and keep the tutorials coming. They are great. xoxo


  21. Thanks for the chance to win these lovely things! hollythornton12@gmail.com

  22. Thanks for the giveaway :)
    anetamisikova@gmail.com or missviolet@azet.sk

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  24. What an amazing giveaway! I've been hoping to add some beautiful simple studs to my collection, these would be perfect!!
    Gold Fashion Jewellery


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