Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In a Bubble ...

I feel like I’m drifting along at the moment, kinda like being in a bubble of some sorts. With my formal education coming to an end last year, then Christmas, birthday etc etc time seems to have moved pretty quickly and now I find myself being an ‘in betweener’! I’m not at school and I have yet to start my makeup diploma, I’m not complaining mind you, it’s just a weird kind of feeling.

A lot of people seem to expect me to be doing ‘something’, to me I am doing ‘something’ but to the outside world I guess it doesn't seem that way .... I mean, isn’t the purpose of working in life, to be able to find something that you love doing and make it your career?

So when I research makeup, hairstyles and fashion, to the innocent observer I might be just ‘wasting time’ but to me it’s not that at all, it’s research :D

I’ve been visiting and 'researching' different Makeup Academies lately to find the right one for me so I’ll be starting my course in either April, June or July depending which course I decide on, it’s exciting to look forward to but also a little bit scary :) I've decided not to move to the city to study but instead catch the local train, I will be studying 3-4 days a week so I will still have time to film, gain work experience and build a portfolio and those days in the city will be long days, leaving home at about 7am and getting back home at about 7pm so I'm making the most of my time now :P

My new camera arrived this morning :D it’s an ‘instant’ camera (like in the old days haha, a Fujifilm Instax 210) so I’m pretty excited to play with it, I ordered it from Amazon and it comes with five packs of 20 films so be expecting some polaroid shots on my blog soon :) that is if this weather decides to clear up a little, it’s so dark and gloomy right now .... as much as I love living in a hot climate, the rain combined with the humidity can get a bit much sometimes, it saps your energy and by the end of the summer you can't wait for a cool breeze!! A cool breeze to kick start the mind and body :)


  1. Just do what you need to. You can't force someone to live THEIR lives YOUR way.

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