Monday, March 26, 2012

Luminess Airbrush System - Review

I first received the Luminess Air System back in 2011, I was contacted by the store and asked if I would like to try it out and maybe do a review if I wanted, I initially agreed but then after a little thought sent an email and said I would prefer not to receive the product because this was not a product that was easily accessible to teenage girls, not something that they would purchase and use everyday!! I was told the kit was already on it's way.

Professional Airbrush System Priced at $309.95

When it arrived I was quite happy to try it out, in fact I was like a kid in a candy store, it really was so much fun to play with, I actually loved it and found it very easy to use but I still didn't feel right reviewing it because it is an expensive product and I don't like to just 'review' stuff on my channel. You see, I want to be a makeup artist so to me an Airbrush System is great, but to a someone who doesn't want to spend a lot of money on makeup it's not something they are going to be interested in ............. so that's why this review and 'how to' has taken so long to do.

Ok, my explanation out of the way .... hehehe :)
What are my thoughts on this system?

I do like this system but I cannot compare it to another system because this is the only one I've used. I did have to buy a 'converter' for the plug because Australia has a different electric plug to the us and other countries. The system itself is the 'Professional System' which has three different air flow speeds and came with four foundations, primer, blush, bronzer and glow/highlighter plus a water bottle. It comes with a instructional DVD and booklet (which wasn't really that helpful). I also received an eyeshadow pack to trial. When I received it, everything was packaged inside a large box and the compressor and nozzle were enclosed in a shiny silver pouch. My compressor is white but I think they have changed the colours now and perhaps their packaging.

I found the system very easy to use with a little practice, the range of foundation colours included was great if you are wanting to do other's makeup but if it's just for personal use I think you should have a choice of what foundations you receive.

The primer and highlighter work very well and I have no complaints, I actually love the highlighter they have.

The eyeshadow kits are another story, I have used them a few times and although they do look quite nice once appllied I find they crease very easily, now I'm not sure if it's the way I'm doing it or just the product so I'm not comfortable demonstrating it right now.

The blush is lovely but you really don't need to apply a lot, I applied more in my video than necessary just so it came up on camera but I would usually only use one drop very lightly.

I do wish they had a wider range of colours available for 'makeup/body art', now I think that would be really cool and would open up their market a lot more, also the tube leading from the compressor to the pen does slip off a bit now, this didn't happen when I first received it and is probably the only problem I've had with the system.

The nozzle is easy to keep clean with water sprayed through it and once you're finished you can gently wipe any excess out of the little funnel.

Available from Luminess Air -

*** Please note, when I received this product the electrical plug was an American fitting so I had to purchase an adaptor for it to work. This may or may not have changed since then so if you are considering purchasing this or any system from overseas, please be sure to check.

Sorry about the blurry photo, something has happened to my camers lens :/

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  1. I first received the Luminess Air System back in 2011, I was contacted by the store and asked if I would like to try it out and maybe do a review if ...


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