Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Bedroom Tour - A little bit eclectic ...

So I recently was lucky enough to get my own room, FINALLY after 10 years of sharing with my sister I have my own bit of space! :D

I said I would never do a Room Tour before because I was always sharing my room but now that everything in it belongs to me I don't feel like I'm exposing someone else's privacy to the world, so here we go.

My room is a complete mix of things, nothing really matches or 'goes together' in the proper sense of the word but I think in the overall 'look' it all comes together very nicely and makes me feel that I'm in a place where I can be comfortable and relax.

As you enter the room you will see that on the back of my door I have a hanging rack, this is where I keep all my scarves and a pair of 'Angel Wings'. Right next to this is my collage wall where I stick random and inspirational pictures, items and quotes with a couple of photos thrown in. This wall has been with me for a couple of years now, I even moved it from my old room to here very carefully :D

The back of my door and part of the collage wall
Part of collage wall and picture wall opp door
When you look into my room on the right you will see a wooden cupboard with two doors, my dad made this a few years ago and I claimed it so that I could store my stuff in. The top shelf has baskets along the shelf that contain face products, larger pallets and perfumes. The lower shelf has two baskets, one for body products and the other for hair products. There is also space for a few boxes, my airless spray and random stuff that I don't want on display. I used to have my products on open shelves but they were getting too dusty and messy all the time so I thought putting them away was a great idea.

On top of this cupboard is my Djembe, random ornaments, paper holder and my indoor/outdoor fireplace. Above the cupboard on the wall I have artwork and photoframes.

Wooden cupboard that my dad made years ago
After the cupboard comes my makeup trolley, I got this for Christmas about two years ago from and it has served me well. It has 10 shallow drawers and two shelves and is made of metal. I've put a stationery holder from Big W on the second shelf to hold my earrings, pigments, samples etc. This shelf also holds my brushes and heat mat for my hair tools.  The top shelf is where I keep my makeup brushes and jewelry.

Next comes my tall bookshelf where you wont really find many books, hehehe :) I keep a few books and files on the high shelf and basically this whole bookshelf is full of ornaments, and boxes with stuff in them :P I try not to put too much on here and leave free space but it seems to be a drop-off centre for bits and pieces so I'm constantly moving stuff :/ The bottom two shelves have boxes that store stuff, I've used empty 'I Love It' sample boxes and a 'Glossy Box' and just glued labels on the front so I know what's in them, a large blue box holds all my wires so they don't get lost and there's a file in the corner with some school stuff I kept and information for future studies.

Makeup trolley, jewelry and bookcase
I then have my drawers under the window where I keep folded clothes. This was a thrift store find, it's a great height and the colour is nicely mellowed with age. I keep my jewerly box, ipod speaker etc here and this is also where I film my videos 90% of the time. On my window I have some deep purple floor length faux suede curtains that came from BigW.

Drawers that hold my folded clothes, leopard box for
bits and bobs, journal, jewelry box that I use the mirror when
I'm filming. Ipod speakers and other random stuff
My bed is next, it's actually my old (I'm talking really really old) bunk bed which my dad converted into a daybed for me. He made the sides and back out of wood and made them nicely curved with a cutout in the center of the back, it almost looks like a love heart. We then covered the wood with some old '1950's Home Journals' (that my mum had collected years and years ago from garage sales), covered them with a coat of clear and then painted a black strip around it and the back posts were left on so that I could hang my lights up :)

My bed has a double sided quilt on, one side has a mini-print which is showing in the photos and the other is a patchword design and there's lots of different pillows and cushions to add some colour and interest to the room. I've got my lil collection of stuffed toys too :D

Above my bed is my butterfly wall. There's an iron art piece from Target coming from the corner and then there's a fluttering of painted black butterflies across the wall. I'll have a blog post 'how to' on this very soon.

Bed converted from bunk bed with back posts left for
hanging lights
The bottom of my bed has wood going across like rails so this is where I hang my extra blanket and a quilt that I made when I was little.

There's an old guitar in the corner, more artwork on the wall, my hat and scarf hanging from a nail and a couple more butterflies before you come to my wardrobe. This is where I keep all my hanging clothes, handbags, keyboards, good shoes etc.

Wardrobe ... not very exciting ;P
Under the bed I have a box of magazines and books, a box for casual everyday shoes and a box to keep all my electrical hair appliances in.

So that's it!! hahaha I hope you enjoyed this little tour, I love the look of it especially at night when I have my fairy lights on :D To me it's a mix of things I love which makes a great, almost eclectic style bedroom, a little bit pretty, a little bit boho and indie and a lot of me. :) :)

You can see the video of the tour HERE


  1. Ok a bit random but could you do a video on your teeth? I know that sounds so weird, but your teeth look so perfect in every video and after watching this video I realised that you have worn braces and got a tooth whitening pen so could you talk about your experiences with braces etc and how you use the pen and exacly what it does. By the way loved the video, given me lots of ideas for my room, thanks :) <3 x

    1. haha I will be doing a video about this some time soon :) Glad you liked the video


  2. When r u gonna post the how to on the butterfly wall I really want to do it

  3. How do you make those 3D butterflies?

    1. I have a DIY post on it now :)


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