Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Clothes with Soul .. The Power of the T

Sevenly has brought a soul to online shopping, if you haven’t already heard about it, it’s an organisation that produces limited edition fashion t-shirts to help raise money and awareness for different charities each week, 30% of their profit ($7.00 from each T-Shirt sold) goes to a particular ‘Cause of the Week’ which has a special t-shirt designed for it and is only available for seven days.

This week the t-shirts sold will help give sick children in India vital Medical Care. Each t-shirt sold will give care and assistance to a sick child for a whole year

1 shirt = medical care for a child for 1 year

Every week Sevenly produces a new ‘fashion T’ for it’s chosen cause, the t-shirts are only available for ONE week and that’s it. These t-shirts are fashion forward and really comfy, come in different colours and are designed to prompt curiosity, people actually come up and ask ‘what does it say?’ which then gives you the opportunity to tell them about the cause which helps spread the word. Most people love T-Shirts so it’s a pretty cool concept, you get a cool T-Shirt and you get to Give as well :)

$22.00 is a pretty good price for a t-shirt, I know in shops where I live t-shirts can range up to and over $100 and I can almost guarantee that the brand isn’t giving any of the profits away, so why not buy a shirt that can change lives?  

Now you’re probably wondering ‘where does the other $15.00 go from the sale of the T-Shirt???? Well, like everything, it costs money to make these T-Shirts in the first place, this is a real business with real people working so they all need to be paid. Sure they could just make the T’s and sell them and pocket all the profit but they don’t, they are helping others. Most things you buy to help charities give about 10% on average, Sevenly are giving 30%.

Sevenly helps raise funds for the seven causes around the world – ‘Hunger, Water, Slavery, Aid, Disaster, Medical and Poverty’ and by producing t-shirts for sale for seven days and then donating $7.00 from each one sold, they have already donated over $220,000 in just 7 months.

So if you're a lover of T-Shirts or just want to help out head over to Sevenly and take a look :)

Visit Sevenly HERE

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