Sunday, January 29, 2012

LIttle Black Bandage Dress - Replica Herve Leger

So many celebrities are wearing gorgeous bandage dresses these days and they are not only for the super skinny people out there either, these wonderful garments actually give most body shapes a very flattering look! :)

Cocktail dress
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double straps
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This particular dress is a ‘bandage’ style black cocktail dress with a square neckline, double shoulder straps with some nice back detailing and a hidden zipper.  It’s quite elegant and fashionable yet still ‘young’ without being too short so that it can be styled for events that are more formal to something as casual as shopping and going to the movies.

When you’re choosing a ‘Little Black Dress’ theres a few things to keep in mind:

-          Make sure it’s made from a sturdy good quality fabric
-          Make sure it’s ‘age appropriate’
-          Choose a style that compliments your body shape
-          Don’t have all your flesh on show, you need to be able to bend over and sit down in it!
-          The less fussy detailing the better as you can wear it to more places
-          Keep the fabric fairly matte, a shiny dress will limit your options

Simple styles can be worn more often than ‘fussy’ styles because you can layer them easily.

When I first got this dress I thought it was going to show off every little lump and bump on my body (in a bad way) but I was pleasantly surprised that because the fabric is quite sturdy it actually gives you a more streamlined look than a lighter dress made of flimsy fabric. The dress appears to be very well made with all seams meeting up, straight and finished well. The zipper is nicely attached with a hook and eye closure at the top. The small strap on the back is a double hook and eye closure.  The fit is true to size, I was told and it also says on the website that these dresses are very forgiving and easy to fit different sizes. I chose the ‘XS’ but I’m sure the ‘S’ in this particular style would have been fine. If you’re choosing a dress like this, take in to account the bodice style because you don’t want any extra fabric in that section :)

Something else to note about ‘bandage dresses’ is that they may look a good length when you put them on but they do tend to ‘ride’ up a little when you start to move around so don’t go buying the shortest dress you see, it may end up looking like a top!!!! hahahaha

The service I received from was wonderful and friendly and the shipping was very fast, not only do they stock these beautiful dresses but they also have quality handbags and shoes.

If you’d like to see my Styling video using this dress, you can find it HERE :) I styled it in four different ways.

** Sorry, I forgot to mention that the dress is actually heavy when you are holding it but once it's on you really can't feel it :) and that the price of this dress if $199.00, I know there are other sites and stores that sell 'bandage' dresses cheaper but the quality is not the same, I find this to be a 'quality' garment.


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