Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fynale 'May Rose' Circle Lenses

I was recently sent a pair of Fynale soft Circle Lenses from in the ‘May Rose’ style that you can see HERE

As this was my very first time using any sort of Contact Lens I can only give a review from that point of view. When the package first arrived I followed the instructions and carefully opened the secure containers that the lenses were in, being careful not to cut myself. I rinsed and cleaned my animal lens holder and filled with contact solution and then put the lenses in there.

After about 12 hours I attempted to place the lens in my eye with no luck, it just wouldn’t go where I wanted, hehehe. Case rinsed and cleaned again I put them aside to try another day.

Many days passed and then a few weeks!!!! Ooooops! Before I came around to trying them once again :) This time I was determined to get those things in my eyes but of course I had to re-rinse and clean the solution and case properly and let them sit before I could :/

Ok, so finally I’m trying my lenses again :D This time with eye drops in and steely determination I begin. It was so funny, they would go everywhere but in my eyes, they sat so prettily on my lashes, daintily on my cheeks and even precariously on my mirror …… don’t ask ….. hahahaha

So after about 30 minutes I managed to get the first one in, YAYYYYY!!!! Strangely enough the second one went in pretty much straight away after that.

They felt weird at first which I’m sure is normal for someone’s first time using them. My eyes seemed a little blurry but not so much that I couldn’t read or anything. My prescription was 0.0 as I don’t need glasses for anything.

Cirlce lens are supposed to make your eyeball appear larger than it is but I didn’t really see this, I have large eyes to begin with so that’s probably why, it was fun to see my eyes a different colour and the flower effect the lenses give was really cool.

I probably left them in for about 2 hours which I think was long enough for my first try. They were comfortable enough and I was able to see properly while wearing them. 

Removing them was quite simple, of course the first eye took longer than the second, I tried a couple of different methods for taking them out, the first being where you pull up the top lid with one finger and pull the lower lid down with another finger and then squeeze the lids together with your other hand causing the lens to pop out, it did work but when I opened my eye the lens strangely enough reattached itself to my pupil!! Hahahaha

The second method worked better for me, opening the lids with one hand and gently pinching the lens off with the other hand using the finger pads, not the nails.

Always be careful with anything around your eyes, check with your eye doctor for your prescription and base curve before ordering any type of lens and if you are under 18 you should have your parent's permission.

The lens I used was the Korean ‘May Rose’ Fynale Circle Lens with a 15.0mm diameter and 8.6mm base curve. It has 42% water content so you need to be sure to use eyedrops or solution with them.

Photo curtesy of

My final opinion on these lenses is that they are a fun accessory to try out, I would not want to be wearing them often but I can definitely see the attraction.

I found to be very helpful and their service was good, their pictures on the site are pretty true to life so I wasn’t disappointed with what I received. They do provide a very cute animal lens case with each set of lenses and the packaging is also really lovely.


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  2. The original site is no longer. Can you please tell me the diameter of these lenses as a reference? Thanks!


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