Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Glittery Sparkles and Christmas ...

There's just something about Christmas that brings out all the sparkles, glitter and shiny things around the house but why stop there? Sparkle up your makeup a little by adding some cosmetic glitters to your eyes and even your face if you like. You can have a very neutral eyeshadow look and just pop a little glitter on the lids or glitter eyeliner on the outer corners to bring that Christmassy look to life :)

A sprinkle of fine glitter on the higher part of your cheek towards your temples can also look very effective but be careful if you're planning on taking lots of photos because glitter can give a strange look when the flash goes off!

I've found that to get glitter to stick to your eyeshadow you can use special fixatives such as Inglot's Duraline, simple eyedrops or a touch of water but another way is to use a sheer liquid glitter eyeliner such as the NYX 'Crystal Silver' or 'Crystal Hip' (these don't often contain a lot of glitter particles). Pit it over your lid and then before it dries add your glitter of choice and it will stay on for ages once it's dried. So don't throw out those liquid glitter eyeliners you think look too sparse because they can come in useful.

Be careful when using glitter near your eyes, only ever use cosmetic glitter as it's shaped a different way and is very very fine. NEVER use craft or body glitter anywhere near your eyes.

Always be sure to wipe or brush away any fallout, yes you will have fallout with glitter, it's assured :) hahaha

A little silver, gold or clear glitter near your collar bones or shoulders (very little) can give a lovely look for New Years as well.

Take a peek at my 'Sparkly Christmas Makeup' tutorial to see just how easy it is.

Don't be scared of what other's think, it's Christmas and what better way to feel festive than by being just as sparkly and a beautiful glittery ornament ..... well maybe not that sparkly but defs enought to make you feel good    :D hehehehe 

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