Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cute Nail Art for Beginners with incl GIVEAWAY!!

If your interested in Nail Art then you will love which specialises in the 'Konad Nail Stamping' System and also carries many decorative nail art supplies and tools.

I recently had the chance to play around with the 'Konad Stamp' set and to my surprise it actually works quite well, even for someone like me who's never really had a chance to do my nails very much due to 'school rules' and who also has teeny tiny nails (think 10 year old size!!) hahaha.

A basic set will cost you about $17.99 and includes:

Stamper and Scraper
Special Nail Polish
Image Plate

and then you can build upon this at your leisure and skill level.

So how it works is you...

* Make sure your nails are clean and dry, they can be bare or already have nail polish on.
* Find the image on the plate you want to apply to your nail and paint over it with the 'Special Nailpolish'.
* Quickly scrape the excess off the plate and stamp the image with the stamper.
* Position the stamper on your nail where you wish to apply the image. Roll the stamp across your nail firmly and in one motion and you should have your image on your nail looking lovely :)

You can then decorate the design or just add a topcoat of clear polish to finish it off.

Now there are a couple of things to note here, one is that practice makes perfect!!! Yes it does take a few times to get the hang of it so I'd suggest playing with bare nails to start with until you feel confident in your new found skills. The next is that the positioning and timing are VERY important, if the weather is hot the polish will dry quickly so you won't be able to transfer it as well.

These are very fun kits to play with and I'm hoping to play more now that I'm almost finished school. There are lots of different patterned plates, polishes and accessories available to suit any style. I think these kits would make great gifts for Christmas or Birthdays for your best friends.

Meliney also has a YouTube Channel where you can watch some excellent tutorials for nail art, not only using the Konad Stamp but using other techniques as well.

Check out Meliney's latest tutorial which also includes a great GIVEAWAY

Check out's Store - HERE
and Meliney's YouTube Channel - HERE

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