Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Beautiful Wavy Hair with VS Sassoon 'Wave Envy' - Review

I received the VS Sassoon 'Wave Envy' back in September and have been trialing it over the past couple of months :) You can see how it looks in my 'Let's Illuminate the World Together' video that I made for the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

Once again I'm not disappointed by VS Sassoon, I find all their products quite easy to use and well priced.  The 'Wave Envy' is NOT a curling tool, it is a WAVING tool and this is exactly what it does.  All you do is section off your hair, clamp it in the 'Wave Envy' near the scalp and hold for about 7 seconds, once it is done you move the tool down your hair until you reach the ends, interlocking the waves as you go to get a nice flow of waves!! :)

It does take some time to do all your hair but the results are really worth it, these waves hold beautifully for a long time and all you really have to do is apply a 'heat protector'.

The 'Wave Envy' has a cool tip so it's easy to hold on to, it has three heat settings and a swivel cord so you don't get all tangled up.

I actually love the effect that the 'Wave Envy' gives but as always don't recommend using heat on your hair too often. (I will have a video up shortly using this tool and will link it here)

The VS Sassoon 'Wave Envy' retails for around $52.95 which is pretty good value for money


  1. hey just wanted to say i love your beauty reviews :) and your blog in general its amazing <3
    i definately followed xx
    could you give me tips of what i could do on my blog? i am just starting out xxx :)

  2. did you order online or buy it at a store in australia? xx


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