Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mermaid Inspired Tiara ... ☆ ♕ ☆

With Halloween coming up this month I thought I'd do a 'Mermaid' Hair and Makeup tutorial and I decided the look would be great with a crown or tiara. I went for an easy way for making mine that anyone can do, I'm not claiming to have invented this method, it's very popular in craft circles and has been around for years and years and a lot of people use it.

What you need:
Soft plastic file/folder or similar
PVA craft or wood glue (wood glue is excellent)

Using a piece of paper folded in half, sketch out half the shape of the tiara you want, cut it out then open it up and place it on your forehead to get the right fit. Once you're happy with it, place it on some plastic (I used an old school file) and glue it down. It's better to use a soft plastic file because cardboard will not be as strong and if you have one close to the sequin colour it would be best (I only had black :/).

Fill the paper shape in with glue, maybe do a section at a time so that the glue doesn't start to dry.

Grab yourself some sequins and glitter and start creating your design, it's easier to place the sequins using an old pencil with a tiny spot of glue on the end to pick them up with.

I covered mine all over in blue sequins, leaving a few out just to add interest and then sprinkled glitter over the top to fill in the gaps.

When your design is dry, check to be sure everything is stuck on properly and then go over it with another coat of glue, this will set clear but will give a bit more strength to it.  This is also the time you could add more glitter to your design if you want.

Once your tiara is completely dry, carefully cut it out.  You will find that because you used a plastic base it's easy to move and attach to your forehead with a little eyelash glue.

You can find my Mermaid Tutorial HERE, I don't adhere the crown to my face but it's easy to do just using a little eyelash glue.


  1. So So pretty I wish I was this creative!


  2. This make looks SO BEAUTIFUL, and the tiara makes it even more lovely.
    Congratulations, your videos (that's how I found you) and posts are realy awesome.


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