Saturday, October 15, 2011

INAZ Cosmetics and How to use Loose Pigments

I was recently fortunate enough to receive a selection of INAZ Cosmetics eyeshadow pigments.  INAZ Cosmetics are known for their bold and vibrant colours and I must admit, I wasn't disappointed!! :D These pigments are beautiful to use and very pigmented :)

They have a beautiful array of colours to choose from both matte and shimmer and also sell blushes and primer. INAZ sell directly from their Facebook Page for the time being because they are still in the 'setting up' stages here in Australia.

Like any loose powders/pigments they can get a little messy but that's just the way things are, be patient and be careful and they work wonderfully.  There was a little 'scoop' enclosed with the package which I found helpful but I still would have preferred a 'sifter style' lid and there were some helpful instructions as well.

Yes you will need to use an eye primer with them as you do with any loose pigment/powder, INAZ do have a primer but I personally found this a little oily on my skin.

These pigments can be used with many mediums so you can have fun playing around with them for different purposes and to acheive different looks.  They are ideal for those that love bright colours and they are very reasonably priced.

10 grm pigment pots 3 for $45 (includes p&h)
20grm mineral blushes 2 for $50 (includes p&h)
2.5grm pigment pots 7 for $30 (includes p&h)

Check out their Facebook Page HERE 

Using Loose Pigments/Powders:
Pigments and Powders are not just for eyeshadows, they can be mixed with other mediums to make different things.  

Some mediums are Inglot's 'Duraline', MAC's 'Mixing Medium' or even make your own using one part glycerine to 3 parts water .... easy!!!

Here is a small list of things you can use them for.

Cream eyeshadow - mix with a drop or two of medium, mix with other colours to make an original colour
Eyeliner - mix with a drop of medium or even water to the right consistency
Blush - mix colours to make an original blush colour add a medium if youwant a cream base
Lipgloss - mix with a clear lipgloss or balm to make your own original colour
Hair Streaks - mix with hair wax and apply to your hair for a temporary effect
Mascara - mix with a clear mascara to make an original colour
Nailpolish - mix with a clear nail polish/varnish and shake really really well to make your own original colour
Tinted Moisturiser or Sunscreen - mix a bronze shade with your fav moisturiser or sun cream for a wonderful soft dewy look

So next time you grab for your pigments or powders, think of all the other possibilities you can use them for :)

I hope you found this post useful.

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  1. This post is brilliant! I've always wondered how to use pigments and whether it would be worth it to invest in some!

    Thanks love. keep up the great posts


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