Friday, July 15, 2011

Sunsilk’s Frizz & Weather Defence Range - Review

Sunsilk has again teamed up with Teddy Charles who is the creator of the world's latest runway and premier fashion magazine looks.  This time around (yes he's helped with two other collections) it's to co - create Sunsilk's most advanced Frizz Control formulation helping to control unruly hair and create a smooth and defined hairstyle for up to 24hours, the formulation says it provides dual protection against the effects of changes in the weather and my hair needs all the help it can get in winter weather so giving this product a trial appealed to me greatly.

What you receive in this collection is the 'Frizz and Weather Defence Shampoo and Conditioner' along with the 'Frizz Control and Light Cream' and 'Weather Protection and Shine Serum'.  The Shampoo and Conditioner both have a sweetish smell that isn't offensive to me but could be if you weren't into 'scents'.  The bottles are a pretty aqua colour and are designed to stand upsidedown and with curved sides and tapered ends which I think helps with grip if you've got slippery hands in the shower. 

I found that the Shampoo and Conditioner actually made my hair feel oilier than normal which isn't a good thing as my scalp tends to get oily enough on it's own :( (probably a teenage thing!) they did help with the frizzes on the ends though.  I trialled them both on my sister's hair (her hair is really thick and very frizzy in damper weather) and she had great results with the Shampoo and Conditioner, they left her hair a lot more controllable and smooth.

With the 'Frizz Control and Light Cream' and 'Weather Protection and Shine Serum' the results were good, there was definitely a shine to my hair and the ends were noticeably more controllable and both products felt light and easy to use.

The Sunsilk Frizz & Weather Defence is a four step program - to Cleanse, Nourish Protect and Shine and these products are very affordable ranging from ($AU) $5.99 - $11.99.

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  1. What a pity, that we can't buy Sunsilk here in Poland anymore :( I've loved their products..


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