Monday, July 25, 2011

Mother Nature Inspired Makeup

This is my inspired 'look' of Mother Nature/Earth which I tried to keep very 'do-able' for everyone, it's the type of look that's great for Halloween or pretty much any type of 'dress-up' party year round.

In my interpretation I have used GREEN to represent the trees, grass and foliage and BLUE for the rivers, rain and the sky.  BROWNS were added for the earth's rich soils and mountains and RED/PINK for the flowers and fire along with GEMS for the beautiful minerals of the earth and my dress is a deep GREEN/BLUE, flowing like the oceans and the veil moves just like the wind.

Products Used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion -
120 eyeshadow Pallet -
Devine Sleek Highlighter pallet - Sun Goddess -
Barry M Dazzle Dust - Lime -
NYX Doll Eye Mascara (waterproof) -
NYX Studio Liquid Liner - Purple -

BYS Gel Eyeliner - Black Magic - Cosmetics Plus
BYS Liquid Pearlised Eyeliner - Gold - Cosmetics Plus
BYS 5 pallet bronzer - Cosmetics Plus

Medusa's Makeup Mascara - Blue Blood -
Limecrime Magic Dust - Troubadour -
LA Girl Lipstick - Devoted -

False eyelashes - Cosmetics Plus
22" Remy Hair Extensions -
tiny clips - woolworths


Dress, veil and long garland of white roses - Op Shop/Thrift Store - $12.00 but on sale for 50% off so - $6.00
Blue and Green Gems and leaf - local scrapbook store - $5.00
Assorted stems of flowers from $1.00 store - $4.00
Green fabric dye - bargain bin at chemist - $2.50
Butterfly clips, 2 pack from craftstore - $3.99

Total cost of outfit - $21.49

The dress was a very shiny teal satin 80's style bridesmaid dress with a large collar, it was dyed a deep green (which didn't really work well but still gave a 'dirty/earthy' look) and the collar was cut off.  The headband was removed from the veil and then the veil was draped around the shoulder line of the dress and roughly sewn on, an old doily was attached to the right shoulder to add more interest.  Part of the garland, foliage and flowers were then hot glued onto the veil keeping the majority focused on the right shoulder and a long piece of the garland was attached to the long piece of veiling hanging down the back to one side.

The headpiece was made using the flimsy headband from the veil where I hot glued random flowers and foliage to. It was made to go to one side to keep the outfit in balance.

Two large purchased butterflies were used, one on the headpiece and one on the shoulderline.

The dress is teamed with a pair of 'Joshua Berger' vintage teal pumps.


  1. wow....u look like a faeries
    great art work

  2. This is SO fantastic! And you are the most adorable little pixie in the world!! Thank you for ALL these creative and fun how-to's!

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