Friday, July 15, 2011

Chick Approved

I've been an Ambassador for Chick Approved for a while now but I haven't really said alot about it, mainly because I don't get dressed up to go out as much as I'd like :/ which gets me to the point that Chick Approved isn't just about 'dressing up' it's about what we wear on a daily basis as well.  It's a place where girls can share their taste and style in clothing and feel comfortable about themselves.  Have you ever wondered what to wear to a certain event before, tried googling 'what to wear to ...............'? I know I've been guilty of this myself but now I can just go to Chick Approved and see what other's would wear to the same sort of event to get some ideas and inspiration.  It doesn't cost anything to join the site, all you need is a facebook account and you're set to go and make friends and enjoy the runways and peaking into other's 'closets' :D  Anyway if you do join don't forget to 'friend' me and remind me to upload a 'look' once in a while (cos I forget sometimes)

Chickapproved:  lilcammo93

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