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Skin 79 – – Korean Cosmetics Review

I’ve had the Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus BB Cream Triple Function for quite some time now and really love using it so when I was asked by if I would like to try out a couple more products from the Skin79 range I was very willing.

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What is BB Cream?

‘BB stands for "Blemish Balm" and originated from Germany where dermatologists initially used it to help laser surgery patients protect, soothe and regenerate their highly sensitive skin while also providing good coverage for post-laser scars and redness.’   ... extract

With pale flawless skin being such an asset in Asian countries, Korean Actresses found this miracle worker to their liking after having surgery and starting using it on a regular basis. Cosmetic companies took notice and started producing BBCreams for the general public. The public versions are aimed at those with sensitive and acne prone skin, giving coverage to dark blemishes and protection from the sun. You are getting both skincare and makeup in one.

A great reference when trying to choose the right BBCream for your skin type can be found here -
Just follow the 2 simple steps.

The way to apply BB Cream is after you have cleansed and moisturized your face, apply the bb cream and then allow to sit for a bit, apply a little extra to the areas that might need more coverage. BB Cream will oxidize within about half an hour and take on the look of your own skin tone. In hotter weather you may get some shininess like you do with any other foundation but nothing a little blotting or powder can’t fix.


See my review on the Hot Pink BBCream HERE

Mini BB Cream Travel Set

This set is a great way to sample BB Creams and also for those that are travelling and don’t want to take too much with them. This set contains 4 x 5 ml tubes of BB Cream in –

Hot Pink Super Plus BB Triple Function
VIP Gold Super Plus BB Triple Function
Diamond the Prestige
Diamond Luminous Pearl

Mini Travel Set $18.00
Diamond II All Day Sun Powder SPF 30

This product is very prettily packaged in a clear container with metallic pink lid and powder applicator fitted in the top, there is also a sifter to help control powder distribution. The sponge applicator is great for applying the powder to your face but I also use a brush to finish the job.

The powder appears to have a very slight pink colour and shimmer and it’s said to contain ‘Diamond Powder’ and ‘Blooming Jewel Complex’ with 5 jewels which help to make the skin luxurious, shiny and luminous.

I have been using this powder after applying all my makeup to ‘set it’. The powder is not too heavy and only has the slightest shimmer to it. It has added sun protection so that’s a plus, is whitening and anti-wrinkle :)

Although very pretty on top of my makeup trolley, it’s not something that I can carry around in my handbag.

Would I recommend this product, yes I would, especially to those who enjoy using BB Creams.

All Day Powder $32.00
Orange Super Plus Triple Functions BB Vital Cream

This is the newest addition to the Skin79 range, apparently it’s ‘upgraded’ with the addition of a higher sun and all round weather protection and added vitamins. This ‘Hot Orange’ bb cream has an SPF 50!!

I’ve been using it over the past week or so and have found no real difference from the ‘Hot Pink’ one apart from it does look a lot paler on my skin. It works well and I haven’t broken out more than usual but I personally prefer the ‘Hot Pink’ probably because I am a little tanned right now and want my face to blend better with the rest of my upper body area hehe but if you are wanting that 'pale porcelain skin' look then this is a good choice :)

The packaging is the same as the ‘Hot Pink’ but obviously ‘Hot Orange’ which is something I really like, I almost expect to smell citrus whenever I use it, hahaha. Because of the packaging I find there is little to no wastage and it just looks cool :D

Orange Super Plus $45.00

MyBBCream Korean Cosmetics

My BB Cream is an Australian based online Korean Cosmetics store that of course specialises in selling BB Creams and associated products.  They have a large selection of brands to choose from including skincare and some makeup. The service is professional and reliable. MyBBCream only ship online orders within Australia with a flat rate of $8.00 and there is free shipping with orders over $50.00 (Australia only)

From my personal experience, I have found other sites that sell BBCreams at a cheaper price than My BB Cream but that being said, they do not have as large a selection of BB Cream products and fast delivery within Australia. 'MyBBCream' have two Sydney Stores and one in Melbourne for that 'hands on' try before you buy experience :)

Where can you buy BB Creams - Price Comparison

My BB Cream – Hot Pink Super Plus BB Cream  - $ 39.00 - HERE + $8.00 post (1-2 days delivery)
Hikosen Cara – Hot Pink Super Plus BB Cream - $22.04 - HERE + $3.42 post (7-10 days delivery)
YesStyle – Hot Pink Super Plus BB Cream - $20.52 - HERE + $9.99 (7-10 days delivery)

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  1. I actually have been using Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream for about a year now haha. It's really long lasting imo. And I just ordered that orange one for my friend as a gift but I really feel like I should have bought one for myself as well lol.

    Those BB Creams seem super pricy from those shops :o I prefer buying them from eBay. There they're sold under 20 euros and many sellers ship them worldwide for free. I usually buy all my korean make-up and scincare stuff from :) Fast shipping, good price and nice seller !

    Just in case someone likes to check that eBay seller out:


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