Monday, February 20, 2012

Goodnight Macaroon - Online Store/Fashion Review

This year I’m really starting to take more of an interest in fashion and styling so when I was asked to try out some clothes from ‘Goodnight Macaroon’ I was pretty excited :)

Crochet/Lace Shorts and Top from Goodnight Macaroon
‘Goodnight Macaroon’ is a fairly new ‘E-Boutique’ that is inspired by celebrity, blogger and street fashion trends. They cater for the budget conscious through to the seasoned spender and have a fairly regular turnover of new clothes.

What did I get?

I was able to choose some garments of my liking from the store which was quite easy to navigate.

Sweetheart Dress – I chose this dress in lilac and in a small size and can honestly say it is exactly as the online picture shows it. It’s very soft and flowing  and is a nice fit. The only problem I had with this dress is that the shoulder straps were too long for me but that can happen when you purchase clothes that come in small, medium and large. It’s no big deal to take the straps up a little. All the seams were finished properly and met up and the gathering was even, the buttons were all fixed on securely.

This dress comes with a detachable collar piece which is a cute addition but I think I would have preferred it to be attached on the inside of the dress rather than the outside. I love the colour and think this dress is very pretty and easy to wear  :)

Crochet Lace Shorts (high waisted) – I’ve seen these in pictures and was curious about them so thought they would be a fun addition to my wardrobe, I chose black because I’m just not too good with white bottoms, haha :D When I first put them on I wasn’t too sure if I liked them that much :/ but after about half hour wearing them I really liked them, it’s good to try new looks out :D I like how you can dress these shorts up with heels and not look ‘trampy’ and that they look just as good styled casually with flats! :)

Again, the shorts were true to the photo on the site, they fit nicely and would also fit the sizes stated in the description which is sizes 6 to 12 (although I think a 12 would be a tight fit). The seams were finished properly and straight and the elastic waist was made well.

Silky Satin Oversized Tee – I was pretty pleased with this when it arrived because I was half expecting to find loose threads and crooked seams because of the type of fabric it’s made from but apart from a slightly crooked overlocking seam on the inside (which does not affect the outside at all) it was really well finished. The colour on the site said ‘white’ but to me it is more a ‘winter white/cream’ colour. This top is made to be big and is a ‘one size’ garment but honestly I don’t think you would get the same effect on a size 12 figure as you would on a smaller size, I think it may hug a little too much at the hip. I will probably wear this top a lot because it will go with so many other things in my wardrobe, it’s loose and comfy and will dress up a pair of jeans instantly :)

Goognight Macaroon seems to cater more for sizes 6 – 12, you should always check the size charts when shopping online and don’t just presume that sizes will be the same for every country, if you still don’t know if something will fit you then contact the store and ask. The customer service was friendly and helpful and the postage took about a week and is $7.99 for regular post to Australia and $35 for express.

* I have noticed on their site that they are advertising FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE so maybe check this out if you place an order :)

There have been a few changes to the store over the past few months which make it more attractive and easier to look around so I think with time there will be more features and a greater selection of clothes to choose from.

You can see how I styled the shorts and top in my Video HERE and visit Goodnight Macaroon HERE :)

Goodnight Macaroon are offering 10% off discount code : Enter "CM10" at check out to redeem the discount


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  2. Oh I love your crocheted shorts, you look gorgeous! x

    1. Thankyou :) They really are fun to wear

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  4. Love this review! So helpful! Please check out my new blog!

  5. These dresses are awesome.It looks Goodnight Macaroon is good Online Shopping destination for women.


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