Sunday, February 19, 2012

Likes and Dislikes ...

What I’m loving right now ...

I haven’t done one of these for a long time and because I’m not really someone who does ‘monthly favs’ regularly I thought I would blog my loves that I’m loving right now :D

First up would have to be my boyfriend hehehe ..... nuff said :D

I’m loving my new room and the freedom that comes with not having to share with someone else, I feel slightly more grown up and a little more creative in my own space.

My room at night  :D 

BB creams are one thing I’m really enjoying right now, I’ve been trying out a couple of new ones and am quite happy with the results. 

Fashion is also higher on my list at the moment, I’ve taken a new interest in styling and fashion in general so you may be seeing more videos on that :) 

together with photography, you all know I bought the Canon T31100 in December and I’m enjoying getting to know it better, but I’ve just ordered myself a new Instant camera to play with, I can’t wait for it to arrive <3 I think it’ll be so cool to have an instant camera :D cos you know ..... I’m so cool and all :P hehehe

The Aussie Sample boxes were lots of fun this month, out of the four on offer I think I liked the ‘Glossybox’ and ‘ILoveThisBox’ the most, not just because they put lots of effort into the Valentine theme but the samples were pretty darn good this month :)

February Special Edition Glossy Box

February ILovethisBox

What I’m not liking much atm ...

My hair, it’s bleached at the hairline from the sun and I haven’t dyed it since October :( I was trying to leave it to go natural until about June and then do something with it but I don’t think I can !! I’d like to get a really good cut and colour it something different to what I normally do, maybe I’ll go lighter this time around :)

I’m also over the hot and steamy, heat and humidity of Summer, I won’t to feel fresh, clean and dry again, hahaha roll on Autumn :D


  1. hi! im always watching your channel from Japan!
    im not good at English, but your explaining is easy to understand!:) and you are so cute xD

  2. Hey Cassie, this may sound stupid but what is a istant camera? And also could you recommend a bb cream for combination, sensitive skin please? Thank you for everything you do for us and thank you for the teeth blog, helped a lot :) x

    1. Hi there :) An instant camera is a camera that takes a photo and prints it instantly from the camera itself, like in the old days :D

      I've just put up a post on BB Creams that may help you :)

  3. hey this is really wierd but how did you make the butterfly's or did u buy them thanks.

    1. I did them myself, I'll try and get a blog tutorial up this week :)


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