Monday, August 1, 2011

Things that made me smile in July ♡

So I have a few new things in July that I've been trying out, some just for comparison and I'm re-loving a few oldies too.

I've been trying out the Clinique Makeup Remover because I ran out of my Neutrogena (which I love) one and the Clinique one was given to me by family, so far so good with this, it removes all makeup really easy with just a small amount and leaves my skin feeling lovely, no breakouts either. I also bought the Dove Foaming makeup remover and wasn't as impressed with this one as it dried my skin out too much, my sister loves it though so I gave it to her :)

FAO (Face of Australia) Matte Eyeprimer - I just recently bought this one, it's been working well and doing it's job pretty good, it feels very moist on the eye too. It's economical but I'm not quite sure if it's as good as my Limecrime one but I'll let you know. I bought it from Priceline.

NYX Doll Eyed Mascara (waterproof) - now I've had this for a while now and at first I wasn't that impressed with it but lately I seem to be using it alot and I really like it. I got this from

I finally ran out of my BYS Gel Liner in July (it was really getting old too) so mum picked me up a new one from a half price sale! It's the Maybelline black gel liner and she got it for $6.50 instead of $13.95. So far so good with this one, it will last me a long time.

28 Neutral Pallet - This is a great pallet for people starting out with makeup, it has a good range of neutral colours and is very affordable.  For the price you pay you get really good value for money. This pallet was from

10 Blush Pallet - Another new pallet that I've been using, this has a good selection of blushes for different skin tones and looks, probably better for someone who's interested in applying makeup to others or for more theatrical looks as well as themselves because you may not use alot of the colours in the pallet for one skin tone.  It's seems to work well and again, you get what you pay for. This pallet was also from

22" Indian Remy Hair Extensions - yep these are definitely my fav new toy this month, who doesn't like playing with long hair?  It took a few practices to get used to them and figure out the right placement for me.  I've straightened them, curled them, braided them and also washed and deep conditioned them and they have worked really well. I really can't compare them to other extensions as I've never used any others.  These extensions were from and you can see my review and 'how to' on them HERE.

On a recent shopping trip to Brisbane I picked up some new shoes - $20 and a belt - $10, gotta love those sales! We had so much fun looking through all the shops and trying stuff on.

I've also been having lots of fun playing with an 'airbrush system'. I'm just loving this tool for applying makeup and learning how to use it properly.


  1. Hi Cassie! I bought the Maybelline EyeStudio black gel liner on your recommendation and I love it. I'm a novice with gel liner, but this one glides on so easily. I finally bought myself an angled brush to apply it with (EcoTools - love them!) and it usually comes out neater than when I use pencil!


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