Monday, August 29, 2011

Shoe Shopping ...

Hahaha I went shopping for shoes the other day for my Formal which is in November and of course you know how it is, when you want the shoes, they are never to be found :/ Last year I saw so many bejewelled sandals around with heels but I didn't need them and now this year I can't find any .... so what do you do?

You buy luggage instead ....  yep, I couldn't find shoes so I ended up with my new luggage :) these will see me good for IMATS and my Schoolies at the end of the year YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!  I settled on the 'Lucca' Fluer de lis 24" suitcase, just loving the subtle pattern and the way it expands out to fit in all the stuff I'm gonna buy on my trips hahahaha .... and the 'Lanza' WM III Cabin Bag which is big enough to hold my makeup, brushes and my camera safely :) :) I got both these bags at 'Strand Bags' along with a courtesy card and $15 off! YAY again :)

Doubleclick to zoom  Doubleclick to zoom

Well at least my shopping trip wasn't a complete waste, hopefully next time I'll find my shoes!!! fingers crossed :)

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