Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gel Nails and time with friends and family

I LOVE being on holidays it's such a wonderful feeling :D I get to sleep in 'sometimes' and bum around the house doing what I want, when I'm not working that is.  I've also been able to spend time with my friends outside of school by going shopping and to the movies, I went and saw the new X-Men movie on Friday and really enjoyed it, I know it's not everyone's style of movie but I thought it was great and tied the other movies all together :) Oh and I also scored a 'POTC' drinking cup while I was there, YES!!!! :D

I was thrilled to spend a day with my best friend Juanita recently, we decided that we would get our nails done together and go shopping.  We had a full set of Gel Powder nails done with a french tip, the original price was $60 but we got a Student Discount so it was knocked down to $54, YAY for discounts.:)

How are they going you may ask?  Well ...... I really like them so far, I've stopped tapping practically everything in sight (well almost) and am learning to do things again, hahahaha, do you know how hard it is to remove the little caps inside loose powders when you're not used to having longer nails!  Luckily my mumma and sister help when I just can't do it,  scratching an itch is also a bit harder too but I'm sure it won't take long to get back to doing everything for myself, drats! :D

My nails were healthy before I got them on and they grew just fine but my nails are very small and I thought the Gel Nails may increase their presence on my hands, I think I was right. For now I'm sticking to the french tips, don't want to wreck them by painting them myself do I.

I'll keep you up to date on how they go over the weeks and whether they're worth it.

Shopping has been done lately too, I haven't really bought much (just as well) apart from a couple of jewelry pieces, I bought a belly ring when I was with Juanita from this cool 'alternative shop' in the local shopping centre and also a new ear cuff when I was out with another friend, from the same shop.  We actually seem to spend our time just hanging out and enjoying each other's company more than buying stuff.

I'm off to Brisbane with another friend through the holidays so that should be a fun experience, we're looking at formal gowns and hopefully there will be some great sales too :) ..... or maybe not because I really should be saving more.

Oh I finally finished my Australis Primer so I picked up a new primer for myself that I've been trying out, it's called 'L'Oreal Base Magique'.  Unfortunately I didn't realise until I was home and dipping my fingers in it that it's not animal cruelty free :( (oh dear), well I'm using it anyway because it cost me $30 and I'm not throwing $30 away, I'll just have to print out a list and put it in my bag so that next time I can check what I'm buying. In fact I'd like to try out the Face of Australia primer next time as I know they are cruelty free, I would have bought that instead but they didn't have it.

I've been asked a few times about primers but I've only ever used the Australis one so I'm trying a few out, that way I can actually see and feel the difference for myself.

Something I've been really enjoying as well is my new 'Suckerpunch' soundtrack, I bought it just because I wanted it and then put it on my ipod for constant listening, love this music.

Spending time with family is good, I got to go climbing with my brothers through the week, haven't done that in about a year so it was alot of fun. It took next to no time to get to the top where we all enjoyed a yummy lunch and the view was breathtaking on this crystal clear day. Strangely it took almost three times as long to get back down because my brothers decided they wanted to climb a really steep part and one ended up getting stuck, luckily we took rope etc and could get to him that way. So while my other brother was doing all the hard work I was standing at the bottom dodging falling rocks and trying to take pictures, he won't be trying that again for a while!!!! :)

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  1. Hi there, love your videos!
    What's the name of the store where you got the ear cuff? My friend's birthday is coming up and she has been looking everywhere for one of them!


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