Sunday, June 19, 2011

What's taking my fancy right now ...

It's getting quite chilly, even for a warm climate it's really really cold in the mornings and at night, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I've taken a liking to Sundried Tomatoes, yep that's right, I'm not a great fan of the average tomatoe but sundry them and I'm loving the taste. I've been having them in my salad roll-ups for lunch and they are going into my everyday salads from now on too

Marinated Sun Dried Tomatoes in a Dish [903902]

I bought a new jacket for myself, must be the cold snap that made me do it! It's an aviator style by 'Red Cherry', not real leather but more a faux suede 'look' with lambswool lining which is ideal for our milder winters so I'll get more wear out of it.  See I got off work a little early and while I was waiting for my ride I took a little look around the shops and stumbled across it, don't know if my 2.5 hours of 'extremely hard' work will cover the cost of it though hahahaha!!! Oh well it's worth it and luckily I'm working the next two days so .................. hmmmm, I'll stay away from the shops.

Hoodies ...... cold weather = hoodies .... pics not necessary, say no more!

My 'Coquette' lipstick by Limecrime from has become my latest favourite which really surprises me because I'm not a huge fan of the 'nude lip' look.  Teamed with lightly tinted lipgloss' I'm really liking this effect and you can see it in my 'Get Ready With Me' video and my 'Cute Curls & OOTD'.

This is the lipstick by itself, not nude nude but very close to it, looks lovely with a gloss on top.

Having my school play/musical recently I've really appreciated the 'Make Me Up' brush set, because of it's carry case it's been so easy to take it to school everyday to apply my makeup for the rehearsals and actual shows, what a super idea this little case is because nothing gets crushed, great work Sigma.

A song I've been lovin lately is by 'Lisa Mitchell' called 'Incomplete Lullaby', just love this song <3

Oh, and I bought two new pairs of shoes from Big W, the black heeled brogues were about $29 and the nude lace-ups about $34, not bad for shoes that you're really only going to be wearing for a couple of months.

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