Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thrift Store Finds - 1

I love thrift Stores, Op-Shops and the occasional Garage Sale (whatever you want to call them), you can find the best stuff at these places. Jewelry is what I usually keep my eyes out for, you know, fun stuff that you can’t find other places.
I thought I’d show you a few of the things I’ve found on my trips just to give you an idea of what a treasure trove these places can be J Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I come out empty handed L but that isn’t very often.
You can find great rings, I found these at separate 2nd hand stores ranging from .50cents for the one one on the left, $2 for the lovely vintage yellowy stoned ring and $1 for the heart ring!
Old vintage brooches are lovely, I picked these two up from a Garage Sale, actually I got three but I can't find the other! The three cost me $5 and I thought they would be great to make hair accessories from or as brooches for the right outfit!
Necklaces, these were picked up from both 2nd hand stores and garage sales, the first ones were bought in a bundle for about $4, the middle one another bundle my sister got (she got a case full but this is the one I picked out) for $2 and the last is my fav, it cost me $2.50! I love it.
Bracelets are some of my favorite things to find, the top two are just gorgeous, the first was found at a garage sale for ..... .50cents!!!! The second at a 2nd hand store for $2.
The next three 1. my dad gave these to my sister and I for Christmas, they are real silver and he got them from a Garage Sale (hey, it doesn't worry me!!) not sure on the price but knowing my dad, not very expensive! 2. Beaded bracelet from the same bundle as the green beaded necklace above and 3. lovely vintage bracelet found at 2nd hand store for $1.50, bargain!!!
I hope you've enjoyed this post, always be on the look out for unusual pieces of jewelry whenever you are out garage saling or thrift shopping, you never know what you may find :)

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