Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rihanna in Concert!!

AHH!!! My life is complete!!
I was invited to go to the Rihanna Concert ‘Last Girl on Earth’ on Friday night by a friend, of course I was ecstatic :D There were four of us that went, driven there by her wonderful Aunty who was a blast to talk to. Anyway ..... this being my very first ‘real’ concert I was beside myself with excitement (being the uncool person that I am ha ha ha) my buddy was just as excited as I was so that made the evening even more fun.
We jumped and we screamed and generally had the time of our lives making idiots of ourselves but we didn’t care, how often were we going to get to see the one and only ‘Rihanna’, I mean ...

So we made ourselves busy before the concert taking lots of photos just in case we got ONE good one, hee hee you know how it is J and I kept my ticket stubb of course and collected some pink confetti from the show, does it get any better !!
I’m so glad I got to go, we had a wonderful time there and it was well worth the late night because yes, I had to get up and go to work the next day.
Dress to suit the concert but dress so that you are comfortable. If you are
in a seat you can wear heals no problems and a dress if the occasion fits.

If you are up the front jumping around, I recommend that you wear flat comfy shoes and maybe jeans or similar.
Concerts get really hot even when you aren’t jumping around so don’t overdress, I ended up putting my hair up because it got too hot for me so keep this in mind.
Go with like minded people so that you can all have a great time, it’s no fun if you’re the only one jumping around! Be sure to enjoy yourself.
Try not to all wear the same thing, it was soooooooo funny when we got ready, we had all bought with us jeans and white tops :/ luckily the girl who’s house we were at could get changed just to mix things up a bit.
You can ‘overdo’ the make up at a concert, go for a more dramatic look than you would usually go for, the lights at these things are really harsh and can wash you out.

Make it a great memory!!

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