Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Time with a good friend ...

It's strange after you leave school, you're starting a new life really and all the school socialising from past years come to a close. This is all good of course, it's life and it's getting out there in the real world and living your life but sometimes it's a little lonely ... I mean I have plenty of people to talk to and there's my family and my wonderful boyfriend but occasionally you really miss the friendship groups of your school friends.

Whenever I get the opportunity to catch up with someone from school I do, it's good for me because it's someone different to be with and have a laugh with. We may not all get to hang out as much any more or do things as a team but we are still in each other's life to a certain degree.

Last week I got to spend the day with my best friend Juanita, we do this every so often, get all glammed up and head off to take pictures of each other, so much fun!!! :)  This time was extra special because she's just had her braces taken off and looks amazing (she always has), she also allowed me to do her makeup for my portfolio (practice makes perfect) and best of all we had such a great time together.

We headed off to one of the local beaches in the area and posed and strutted for the camera, haha :D we even grabbed a ladder from her dad's shed and used it as a prop ... did we get some strange looks? You bet we did haha, but we didn't care, as long as we were having fun.

The theme of one of the photos was like opposites, we each wore the same dress from Romwe.com, Juanita in the black version and myself in the pale pink. The contrast with her blonde hair and my dark hair worked great and we were very pleased with the photos.

The weather was absolutely perfect, we have the best winters in the world here in Queensland, I mean look at that water!! :) and the day was perfect.

Remember to make time for good friends because they are a wonderful refreshing change to everyday life :D


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