Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Loosing My Brushes!!!! Sedona Lace 'Vortex' Brush Review

I love my makeup brushes, I really do!! I waited a long time to get makeup brushes and now that I have them I really appreciate them, so you can imagine that loosing some of them is pretty tragic :(

Some of you may know that I’ve been doing a Makeup Course which means that I was travelling to Brisbane with my bag of makeup goodies, I have a lovely Zuca Bag which holds everything nicely enough but my problem was my brushes, the brush belt I had just wasn’t cutting it, I’d roll all my brushes up in it after doing my work but when I came to get them again next time some of them had fallen out and found new homes amongst all my other stuff or they were just missing :( urghhhh!!!! So frustrating >:(

This is when I set about looking at a few sites in search of something better to store my brushes in. I still needed a brush belt and I didn’t want to be moving them out of one thing and into another all the time.  I watched a couple of youtube videos to see what was around and then came across something that just might work :D

The ‘Makeup Artist Brush Belt with Zipper’ by Sedona Lace looked like it just might do the job!! YAY
Photo property of Sedona Lace
I have a couple of makeup pallets from Sedona Lace which I find great, I have the 28Neutral Pallet (which I love) and the 10 Blush Pallet and I’ve reviewed them both earlier last year so when I realized they had this handy little brush belt I was very happy :) 

I decided on the ‘Vortex Professional  Makeup Brushes with Brush Belt’ because like I said, I’m missing a few of my brushes and they needed to be replaced, also, it’s good to have a nice supply of brushes in my professional kit.

The complete set of brushes with brush belt sells for $79.95
The brush belt alone is $19.95
The brush set alone is $69.95

The zippered brush belt is amazing, it keeps all my brushes safely in one place while I’m travelling and nothing falls out, it’s faux leather (of course) and has a really good sized adjustable belt. The zip goes all around three sides and keeps your brushes safely inside. I would have like the belt to be about an inch bigger just because I do have a lot of brushes (like most makeup artists) and maybe he belt could have adjusted more to fit smaller people better.

The brushes themselves I’ve been trying out for a few weeks now, I actually removed all my other brushes from my bedroom so that I would only use the Sedona Lace brushes and see how well they really worked. You can see that I’ve been using them in my last few videos.

I must say I was very happy with their performance, I only had a problem with the eyebrow brush being a little scratchy. My favourite brush would have to be the angled/bent liner brush, it makes applying eyeliner so much easier.

These brushes have had very little to no shedding. It’s common for most makeup brushes to shed a little when they are new and maybe the odd hair or two during their lifespan so the shedding on these brushes  was nothing out of the ordinary.

The kit comes with four (4) face brushes, eight (8) eye brushes and a lip brush. You can purchase it with or without the brush belt and I do think that they are great value for the money.

Brushes included
Jumbo Fan – FB01 – Face Brush
Tulip Contour – FB03 – Face Brush
Dome Contour – FB05 – Face Brush
Flat Top Buffer – FB07 – Face Brush

Universal Blender – EB09 – Eye Brush
Flat Synthetic – EB11 – Eye Brush
Synthetic Blender – EB13 – Eye Brush
Pointed Crease – EB15 – Eye Brush
Brow Spoolie Duo – EB17 – Eye Brush
Bent Liner – EB19 – Eye Brush
Detailed Shader – EB21 – Eye Brush
Angled Detail – EB23 – Eye Brush
Capped Lip Brush – LB25 – Lip Brush

Please remember that these are called ‘Professional’ brushes for a reason, they are not your basic brushes, this is not a kit you would probably buy for your first brush set but rather an ‘add-on’ brush set to complete your range of brushes.

The packaging was very secure, they arrived in a well padded box with the brushes in a nice organza bag. They also come with a pamphlet which explains what each brush is used for.

Here’s atutorial where I’m using all the brushes from the kit, there’s also a Giveaway to some lucky viewer for the ‘Vortex Professional Brush Kit with Zippered BrushBelt’ in this video which closes on 3rd August, 2012.

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