Thursday, May 10, 2012

Luxurious Locks with Sebastian Professional

I'm such a sucker for hair care products and I can't seem to get enough of them, I love trying new potions and lotions and when they work really really well I'm in love with them :D

After trying out the Sebastian Professional 'Potion 9 Lite' and 'Volupt Spray' for a little while now I thought I'd write a post about what I think.

They both come in nice sleek, clean looking packaging which are easy enough to use, the 'Potion 9 Lite' in a white spray bottle with a small cap and the 'Volupt Spray' in a black spray bottle with a large cap, so they are easy enough to grab and not get confused. These two products are meant to add 'volume' and shine to your hair.

The Potion 9 Lite is designed for fine to medium hair, I fall in the medium category so it was right for me. This product is meant to be a styling potion and conditioner in one and to be used before blow drying your hair, you can use it all over your hair and you can also gently mist your hair with it any time just to add a little bit of a boost.

I found that this Potion worked well for me, it did what it was supposed to do but I wasn't exactly 'wowed' by it, but my hair did feel nice and soft and shiny after using it.

The 'Volupt Spray' is designed to make your hair soft while adding lots of volume, you just spray it on your dampened hair and work it through to the ends before blowdrying it as you normally would, the key is to make sure you 'shake' that bottle well to activate the special two part formula inside, allowing the product to work properly.

I found that my hair was lovely and soft and very shiny and that my waves were enhanced but not overly 'volumised' as I was hoping for, I had images of huge '80's' hair but ended up with 'inspired 80's' hair : ) hehe  Overall I'm happy with this product but not overly impressed with the results.

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