Sunday, May 27, 2012

A few new things and DISCOUNT CODES ...

There are a few new things I've been lucky enough to get this past month or so and I thought I'd share them with you.

First up there's my new Paddle Brush, it's glitzy and big and so bright that it's impossible for me to loose in my room (.... or is it? haha) there's a British flag on the back that's made from gems and I reason to myself that at least the Australian flag has this too :D This brush makes brushing my hair a breeze now and I actually enjoy brushing my hair.  That sounds really strange doesn't it? Well I wasn't really a fan of brushing my hair before, I mean I did brush it but only when it was necessary, I find that over brushing makes my hair oily and I only really had combs and a small round brush so I was missing out on something. This paddle brush glides easily through my hair and probably massages my scalp in the process (well I like to imagine it does :P) this being said, I still don't like to over brush it because I certainly don't want oily hair!!! This brush is 21.99e (approx $28.00 au).

Another thing I've been really happy with is a new hair straightener that I received, now I didn't know I was getting this and I didn't really need it because I only recently got the Remmington hair straightener so I put off using it for a while, oh and also, it needs an adaptor to fit the Australian electrical sockets so that was another reason I put it off :)

Anyway, it's called the 'Ti Touch Titanium' by Ti Creative and IT'S WONDERFUL, the tongs are very long and slim making it absolutely great for making those 'indie style waves/curls' I like to do. It heats up quickly so I can even use it if I'm in a hurry. This straightener also has the Keratin infused plates like the Remmington which leaves your hair feeling very soft and shiny and there is no offensive odour either.  Like I mentioned before, I didn't realise I was getting this product but I'm really impressed and will be doing a video tutorial using it shortly. This straightener does fall in the upper end of the price bracket at about 165e ($213au approx). Both the paddle brush and the straightener came from a site called '', if you're interested I have a coupon code for a great discount which I'll link below but please be assured I'm not making any money from this company and wouldn't recommend something I didn't really like ... oh and it straightens the hair great too ;D hahaha

Ti Touch Titanium
photo property of ''

Coupon Code for 50% off the purchase of a 'Ti Touch Keratine + UK Brush' -  KERATINEAU

Next up and also a straightener and curling iron in one is the Remington Styles Unlimited, this is a tapered hair straightener that actually locks together to form a curling iron. I really love the curling ability of this tool, it really does make great 'ribbon like' curls, I used it recently on my friend Rachel's hair for a photo shoot we did together (see pic below) but I'm not overly impressed with the straightener part, in my opinion it doesn't do a great job straightening the hair compared to a 'normal' straightener. This styler has a cool tip, swivel cord and variable heat settings and a small foot to balance it when you put it down. It's very economically priced at around $59.00 (aus) and is available from most department stores and some Electrical outlets.

** Edit - It seems the Remington Styles Unlimited I received was a little faulty because the plates didn't meet right, I was sent a replacement and it works very well  :) I think this would be a great purchase for someone just getting into styling their hair because you get the best of both worlds with the straightener and curling iron :D 

My friend Rachel, I used the 'Styles Unlimited' for her hair
and was very happy with the results.

Some lovely pieces of jewelry I got recently deserve to get a mention here, from SofiaGraceJewelry
I have both the 'Mya' and 'Vasara' necklaces, they are very easy to wear, lightweight metal alloy and come in very distinctive designs. The 'Mya' is made up of varying lengths in a 'chocker' style and you can adjust the length, I wore this one in a receent photoshoot I did with Juanita where I wore my 'Rhianna' dress from StyleMeCeleb, I think the design complimented this dress beautifully. The 'Vasara' necklace was so much nicer in person than on the website, I know that sounds a bit odd, but yes it looks great on the website yet it is soooo much nicer in person!!!! I used it recently for my '60's' makeup assessment at my Academy, it has that touch of art deco going for it so it was perfect. All designs from this site are limited edition, once they are sold new and different pieces will be made.

Check out outfits #3 and #4 in this video to see these necklaces and how I wore them :)

I have a 50% off Coupon available for current stock, just type in lilcammo93 for the discount word!!

Romewe always have great things, the only drawback with Romwe is that the cool stuff sells out really quickly, the collar necklace I have can no longer be found, hopefully they may restock it shortly but I'm not sure. This of course is a great thing for the store itself, any store wants a quick turnover of stock but it also means if you see something you like you need to grab it quickly!!! haha and how adorable does 'Tom Bear' look wearing my 'moustache' necklace, all he needs now is a monicle and tophat!!! haha

You can see the collar necklace in this video here

I can spend hours pouring over their clothes and accessories, I love that they have free worldwide shipping too. It takes about 2 weeks for a package to arrive in Australia from ordering to receiving. Romwe regularly have specials and discounts going, I have some discount codes for you here, these codes are valid until 31st May, 2012 and you can only use one code with one order, enjoy!! :D

$7.00 cash coupon code - ROMWE7
20% off discount code - ROMWE20%

*Always check the site for other additional sales that may be happening!!

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