Friday, May 6, 2011

What's making me smile right now .....

It's Autumn in Australia right now and the weather is so delicious, cool crisp nights and warm to hot days.  I just love this time of year because you can still go to the beach but you can also snuggle up with a blanket in the evenings, yummy Autumn weather.

The past couple of weeks I've found myself using and enjoying the following things more and more :)

Yeah baby, after years of using a very old, scratched and dying hairdryer I received this beauty from VS Sassoon some time ago!!!! How lovely is that?  I wasn't asked to review it or anything but because I love it so much I thought I'd include it here.

It's called the 'Ultimate Salon Dryer' and comes with a concentrator nozzle and a diffuser with two settings.  The dryer has 3 heat and 2 speed settings, it works really well and makes drying my hair a breeze, literally hahahahha. I'm not one for using a lot of heat on my hair but with the weather turning a bit cooler now I don't want to go to bed with wet hair so it's come in very handy.

I've really been enjoying playing with my new brushes from Sigma, after using cheaper brushes it's really nice to use better quality brushes.  I never thought there would be much of a difference in brushes but I guess I was wrong.. I have a review up on my YouTube about these brushes now and don't forget, you have a chance to win a set for yourself in my 20K comp (video response section).

NYX Round Lipstick - Miracle

Another thing I've been using more the last couple of weeks is my NYX lipstick, it's in 'Miracle' and it's really mushed up and well used and loved but the colour is great for this time of year, I just dab a little on with my finger so that it's not too overdone. I picked this up some time ago from Groove as they sell some NYX products in their stores.

How to Make Caribbean Refreshing Lemonade 

I've been drinking heaps of water again, which can only be a good thing and I've started to add lemon to it sometimes, it's very refreshing and good for you.  A wonderful cleanser/detoxifier if you're looking for one, and on the not so healthy side, hahahaha I've been loving 'Mocha Frappes' lately too, I guess that's what happens when you work in a cafe!!

Lastly, another thing I've been loving lately is my Djembe, yeah I got this for Christmas but  haven't had as much time to play it as I'd like, so over the past couple of weeks I've made time for it and am loving my drumming release.

I hope you enjoy these little 'loving' posts I've been doing of things I find myself using alot of all of a sudden, it's funny how we might not use something for a while and then 'BAM' you find yourself using it every day.


  1. i loved this . . . and also your new background :)

  2. that djembe looks pretty awesome!

  3. love the sigma brushes
    im your new follower i'd love if you follow me back!! :)

  4. Your Djembe is so cute! You should put a video on youtube of you playing it! That would be awesome! :D

    Also, I know you said nobody asked you to review the VS hair dryer, but I have been eye ballin' the same one and I was wondering if you could possibly do a review on it?
    Let me know what you think!



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