Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What I'm loving right now ...

My Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper is my fav eye primer, it’s by Limecrime and it works so well with loose powders or any eyeshadows actually, it was sent to me from makeupnet.com for review and has quickly became my favourite. It’s affordable and easy to buy for Aussie girls as makeupnet.com is an Australian online store and they also have some other great products including GLITTER!!!!

Another thing I find myself reaching for time and time again are my Kleancolor -- Rainbow Splendor eyeshadow pallets, one of these were sent to me for review last year and I liked it so much I ordered the other one and I really do find them great to use, they are small enough to take on a sleepover and the range of colors in them is good and they are also very affordable, once again these are from an Australian online store called Tantycosmetics.com that gives great service.

Now that I’m on holidays for a while I’m enjoying being able to read my Dolly Magazine! Yeah I love this magazine and have read it for a couple of years now, I actually ranted about it in my 11,000 subscribers competition video, it’s the kind of thing you read from cover to cover quite literally more than once!
I’m lovin Maxxie the lil pup alot right now, hahahaha .... he’s so cute and tiny and his belly goes really big after he eats, too funny. We got him so that my pup ‘Hunny’ will have a playmate and husband, hehehe and hopefully one day have puppies of their own. Oh and to let you all know, he is not a ‘handbag puppy’, he is a normal dog that goes outside and causes trouble hahaha.

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