Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm loving these right now ...

Ok so I thought I'd let you know what I've been using alot of over the past couple of weeks, you know, the things I am constantly grabbing for all of a sudden ...

Firstly above is my Clean Start Brightening Up tinted moisturiser, I'm finding I'm using this much more than my regular Clean Start moisturiser right now, I love how light it feels on my face and I'm thinking it could have something to do with the change in the seasons? Anyway, I've been using it every day lately.

Next is my Sigma Roundtop Kabuki - F82, I constantly use this brush for powder, I really do love it.

My Lime Crime Magic Dust in 'Top Hattie' which was sent from '', this is a really pretty loose eyeshadow that highlights the eyes beautifully! It has a slight sparkle which is really really pretty.

I've been using my Botanics Cheek Colour in 30 Pumpkin (above) alot over the past week or so, just seems to sit well on my face right now! I think I picked this up quite some time ago from Priceline and a nice eyeshadow pallet I picked up from Tantycosmetics is the NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette in 'Velvet Rope', this is from 'The Runway Collection'. The colours have little sparkles in them and the purples are very, very nice.

Lastly, a couple of weeks ago I went Op-Shopping/Thrift Shopping and bagged myself a small bundle of bracelets, they are nice and 'earthy' looking, I tend to mix them with a couple of metal bracelets and denim ones too, I would have to say the thick shell one on the right is my best fav. They cost $2.00 for 4!!!!! Bargain

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