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Sigma Brushes, Spring It and Sun Laboratories Reviews

A few Reviews that I made a video on, you can see it HERE


I was sent these brushes by Sigma quite a long time ago and although they are great brushes I just find that I don’t really use them as much as I thought I would, the smallest would have to be my fav out of the three, the round top kabuki. Another great thing about these brushes is that they are synthetic which means animal cruelty free!
I know alot of people really like these types of brushes but I honestly find the flat foundation brushes easier to use or my fingers as these stippling ones tend to apply too much product for me. They are great for a special occasion where you may want a 'thicker finish' for your makeup or for photography/modelling. The contour brush is great if you do alot of contouring but again, I really don’t contour my face that much.
They were sent to me in a lovely organza bag and their postage took about two weeks to Australia. I have found them to be great quality and they have not shed at all and the size is really good and comfortable.

I guess the downside is that they are not available in Australia, you have to order online from Sigma but their service is excellent.


Sun Laboratories asked me to trial and review their Sunless Tanning lotion, Moisturiser/Maintainer and Body Polisher, being a pale person I jumped at the chance hahahaha.
Ok, I don’t normally go out and get a tan and this past Summer has been so wet that there wasn’t really much chance to get a tan especially now that I have a job so I thought it was a great idea.
I did try this product a few times, if you take a look at the video ‘Meet My BFF – Behind the Scenes Photoshoot’ you will notice how ‘tanned’ I look there and Juanita even makes a funny comment about it. Well the product did work really well but unfortunately because I live in a semi-tropical climate we get a lot of humidity here which makes the product come off onto my clothes. I did email the company and explain what happened and they said to let it dry ... I tried again and yes I let it dry but it just isn’t good in my climate and I can't keep staining all my clothes. I’m sure in a cooler climate or when Autumn/Winter rolls around it will work much better and not rub off but to give an honest review I have to tell you what happened.
It’s easy to use, you just exfoliate your skin with this ‘Body Polisher/Exfoliator, the large brush is for your body, to get rid of any dry skin, there’s a pumice stone one for elbows and knees and heels and then there is the facial one ............... apply the tanning product evenly and remember to wash your hands immediately after applying because it will stain. Leave to dry at least 1 hr before going to bed etc and then you moisturise in the mornings with the special moisturiser. It gives a brown tan which is not too orange looking like some.
Oh and a bonus is that they are not tested on animals.
I just love the exfoliator/body polisher which they sent also, which is battery operated and I use it all the time in the shower and to cleanse my face in general, the first week I did notice I broke out a bit but I’m thinking that was just because it was deep cleaning my face, it’s all good now J so I would definitely recommend that.
If you want an easy to use Self Tanner and don't live in a humid climate check out their site:


Yeah I know this is a bit of a touchy subject with a lot of girls but let's face it, if you have darker hair or darker features chances are as you get older you are going to get some 'facial fuzz' going on that you don't really like and I know of some 'blondes' who also get thicker 'fuzz' than they would like. I've been asked quite a few times about hair removal for the face over the past year or so and I've only ever used wax on my eyebrows (between them that is hahaha) so when I was asked if I would like to trial this product I got a little curious and thought I'd give it a go.

It's a simple device like a long spring that you simply bend into an upsidedown 'U' and roll up your face where your 'fuzz' is bothering you, cheeks, upper lip etc, simple as that and yes it actually does work!!! A great little invention that is easy to use and cost effective.

The sensation takes a little getting used to, it sort of hurts a little when you first try it but not too bad and nothing that you can't put up with. It's designed for your face and not your eyebrows so don't try shaping them with it ok :)

They also sent me a little pair of tweezers with a built in LED light which I find very useful for all sorts of stuff, I don't tweeze my brows but lets face it, tweezers have a lot of other uses too. They are very attractively packaged, much like a lipstick tube with a built in mirror as well.

You can check out my review on YouTube to see how the 'Spring It' works.

I was kindly sent these products by: at 'Beauty by Rachel'

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