Wednesday, December 8, 2010

CleanStart by Dermalogica - Skin Care Routine

This skincare routine was requested a bunch! so I have a new video on it here: as you can see I changed my routine a bit since my old skin care one. I was sent the demoligica products to trial, but this is my complete honest opinion in this video and I really like these products. The scrub is prob my fav because it has a really refreshing mintiness to it :D The spot stick also works really well along with the moisturizer and lip balm. Im not too fond on the toner because i get it in my mouth alot :/ and i dont really like the night time moisturizer because it leaves me feeling really sticky and it just isn't that comfortable on my skin so only use it if I have breakouts and wont put it all over my face. I have been using these products for just over a month and have found that they have helped ALOT!!
I ALSO tried it on someone who had back - acne. WOW, it made a MASSIVE difference in just 3 days! I just used the wash cleanser, toner and spot stick on their back and I am deadly serious, in 3 days there was the biggest differance! so I would definately recommend these products if you have acne, back - acne or body acne.
Just remeber always have CLEAN hands when cleaning your face and try not to touch your skin if its not necessary and NEVER sleep in makeup. I hope this was informitive and helpful :)

Where to find these products:

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2. Choose your products
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5. Enjoy your Clean Start™!

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  1. Dermalogica clean start is the effective skin care product. I used this kit and I found great effects on my skin.


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