Sunday, January 9, 2011

Balmshell - The Cutest Lip Glosses

I have just put up a video review on the 'Balmshell' lip products which you can see here: I was sent these products to try out and received them on Christmas Eve, it was just like an early Christmas gift when I opened up the package because these are possibly the cutest lip glosses I've ever come across, the full size ones have a detachable part which turns into a key chain .... how good is that!!! But not only that each different lip gloss tells a different story by way of a floating illustration (the part you keep for the keychain). They are NOT sticky in any way and the colours work really well (not too pigmented). Then there are the five 'sample size' glosses which are so easy to carry around with you and I actually like the nude coloured one to highlight my cheeks a bit :) The Cheek and Lip Tint/Stain is my absolute favourite, I used 'Gossip Greta' and love it to pieces as it gives off such a natural look to my cheeks and lips.

Products mentioned:
- mini lipgloss pack (5)
- first lipgloss : Ahh.. the Classics
- second lipgloss: Shoe Fetish
- third ligloss: You Give Me Fever
- Cheek and Lip stain: Gossip Greta

Link to where you can buy these and find other cute lip products :)


  1. wow that's so cool! I love the pink/purple one (haha the pink red one)and those keychains are really cute :D I'm actually not really a person who weares lipgloss or lipstick, but I want to change that, but I don't know which colour fits me :p it's difficult to choose :p

  2. Cute blog....I just found your youtube videos and like thm a lot.


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